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Home again.


We returned home yesterday, 7.5 hours after leaving Aspen.  That time accounts for lunch and potty breaks, along with some nasty weather-related traffic.  (For reference, it took us 5 hours to get up there on Wednesday with clear weather conditions, but still allowing time for lunch and potty breaks.)  I’m not saying more because the [...]

We didn’t do much but relax, walk around Aspen, and eat – so how could I have forgotten cat blogging? Don’t worry, Perl.  We’ll be home this afternoon.  :)

Snow outside.   Low carb breakfast of eggs and apple cider cured bacon because last night’s meal at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse hasn’t been too friendly on the blood sugars.  Think venison chops with blackberry sauce for me, ribeye for him, with sides of bread, potatoes au gratin, and sauteed mushrooms.  Think creme brulee for him [...]

Greetings from ever-so-slightly-snowy Aspen.   Looking forward to Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, football, and dinner at a steakhouse (?!?).   For all my readers from the United States, happy Thanksgiving!!!

Coffee talk.


Coffee.  I need it.   Silly cats are still in tune with my 5:17 alarm clock, so our dreams of a 6:30 wake-up turned into a minor nightmare on this travel day. Up until the past couple years, I drank coffee only very occasionally.  In fact, the first time I ever drank full cups of [...]

“I thought if you weren’t too busy at work this afternoon, you’d like to hear the roosters crowing in our yard.” That’s not exactly what my mom said when I called panicked after seeing a missed call from my parents’ cell phone yesterday, but you get the picture.   It was awfully nice to get [...]

YAY:  Bears trounced one of the season’s worst teams.   BOO:  Broncos got trounced by one of the season’s worst teams (and probably ruined my chances at winning the office football pool this week).  Silly horsies.   YAY:  Northwestern ended their season at 9-3.  Iowa ended theirs at 8-4.  Both should be headed to bowl [...]

Cooking meme.


Thank you to Lee Ann at The Butter Compartment.  1. Can you cook? If yes, do you like to cook? Yes, and yes. 2. When do you eat with your whole family? Greg and I eat together most nights.  We visit with his parents (who live an hour away) for dinner about every 6 weeks [...]

There is nothing like being stuck in traffic on a Friday night after a week like the one I had.  It wasn’t particularly busy, but one of our department members made the announcement that she is leaving right after Thanksgiving.  This is a good move for her, but we were just clicking as a team, [...]

Extreme close-ups of Neppie and Kari: