Cooking meme.

Thank you to Lee Ann at The Butter Compartment.

 1. Can you cook? If yes, do you like to cook?

Yes, and yes.

2. When do you eat with your whole family?
Greg and I eat together most nights.  We visit with his parents (who live an hour away) for dinner about every 6 weeks (on average).  I live too far from my immediate family to have regular dinners.

3. What do you eat for breakfast?

Sausage & light yogurt or scrambled eggs with cheese.

4. When, where and how do you eat on weekdays?
6am – breakfast at home.

11:30 am – lunch at work.

7:30 pm – dinner at home.

5. How often do you eat out (in a restaurant)?
Probably 3-4 times a month.  

6. How often do you order delivery/take-out?
Probably 3-4 times a month.

7. Regarding no. 5 and 6: Say there weren’t financial reasons would you do this more often?

I like the frequency, as it is a treat to eat out.  I wouldn’t want to eat that much on a regular basis.

8. Are there any “standard dishes” you serve regularly?

Linguine with clam sauce, meatballs, anything in the crockpot (pot roast, whole chicken, etc).

9. Have you ever cooked for more than 6 persons?
I don’t think I’ve cooked for more than three people on my own, but I’d love to.  Greg and I have cooked together for our families and friends.

10. Do you cook every day?

11. Have you ever tried recipes from blogs?

12. Who cooks more frequently at your home?

13. And who cooks better?
We each have our specialities.  Greg tends to be more adventuresome with long, drawn-out recipes, though.  

14. Do you cook totally different compared to your mother/parents?
A lot of what I cook is what my parents cooked growing up – pasta sauces, lasagna, comfort food, etc.  I suppose I add my own contemporary touches, though.

15. If yes, do you nevertheless eat at your parents?

16. Are you a vegetarian or could you imagine being one?

No.  I tried it for about six months during my second year of college.  That ended when I met Greg.  I like lamb, salmon, and venison too much.

17. What would you like to cook which you haven’t dared to make yet?
Beef bourguignon.

18. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
They’re pretty much equal.  I love baking bread and rolls like my dad taught me years and years ago, but ohhh, the carbs.

19. What is your greatest misery in the kitchen?

Keeping the kitchen clean – awfully difficult to clean up Greg’s messes.

20. What do you dislike?
Anise flavor, lima beans, caramel, oranges.

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  1. in search of balance

    Caramel and Oranges, how interesting! I don’t like cookies, so I guess I can’t really talk…. ;)

  2. Minnesota Nice

    Coming from small town MN, I grew up on venison, pheasant and wild duck. And, thinking back to it, I liked them all – haven’t had anything similar in a couple decades.


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