The Morning After.

Snow outside.  

Low carb breakfast of eggs and apple cider cured bacon because last night’s meal at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse hasn’t been too friendly on the blood sugars.  Think venison chops with blackberry sauce for me, ribeye for him, with sides of bread, potatoes au gratin, and sauteed mushrooms.  Think creme brulee for him and chocolate-espresso flourless chocolate cake for me.  (Though I think we ate less than we typically do for Thanksgiving)

However, I can say I’m faring better than I did the morning after our first Thanksgiving together.  Back in 1996, we’d been dating for just a few months.  Greg met my parents and brother at dinner, then we went back to Greg’s college apartment, where I was staying for the long weekend.  

Our brilliant idea of sharing a 1.5L of white zinfandel ended with my head in the toilet that night and both of us having horrid hangovers the following day. 

I’m proud to say I have much better taste in wine these days.  (If you must know, we had a delectable Australian cabernet-merlot with our meal last night.)

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  1. Your comments about the wine made me laugh. Last night, we had a pinot noir from Napa. It was pretty good. I had also gotten a cabernet sauvignon – also a product of Napa – and I’m looking forward to breaking that open.


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