Friday Night Traffic Jams = Pure Evil.

There is nothing like being stuck in traffic on a Friday night after a week like the one I had.  It wasn’t particularly busy, but one of our department members made the announcement that she is leaving right after Thanksgiving.  This is a good move for her, but we were just clicking as a team, so we’re all bummed.

When I left work, I had grand plans for my Friday night.  Come home, start laundry, work out on the elliptical, help make dinner, finish up some work stuff so that I wouldn’t have to think about it the rest of the weekend, maybe even start cleaning the house.

One hellacious bus commute later complete with malfunctioning traffic lights and a couple accidents on the highway…and I just didn’t want to do much.  Started laundry, grabbed a beer, helped make dinner, and sat down and watched taped Jeopardys and Life on Mars.  

Ah well.  I’ve managed to be slightly more productive today.  And besides, there’s more work stuff than I thought so there’s no way I would have gotten done last night.

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