Monday morning quarterback.

YAY:  Bears trounced one of the season’s worst teams.  

BOO:  Broncos got trounced by one of the season’s worst teams (and probably ruined my chances at winning the office football pool this week).  Silly horsies.  

YAY:  Northwestern ended their season at 9-3.  Iowa ended theirs at 8-4.  Both should be headed to bowl games.


  • Hopefully Colorado will beat their rivals Nebraska on Friday and retain a 6-6 record in the process.
  • Donovan McNabb needs to ask for a trade after being benched for yesterday’s second half – once again, I hope he heads home to Chicago.  (As glad as I am that Kyle Orton has been an improvement over Rex Grossman, the Bears still need a better starting QB.)

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  1. The Eagles game was an embarrassment. I think everyone in Philly – except the one guy whose opinion really matters, Lurie, the Eagles’ owner – wants Reid fired. Which reminds me, I want to go find the post-game press conference….

  2. Lee Ann> Gee, that sounds a lot like the Pat Bowlen – Mike Shanahan relationship here in Denver. Shanahan has probably been head coach a little too long…


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