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Tomorrow is not about who won and what should happen. Tomorrow is about tradition.  Tomorrow is about history. Tomorrow, for the 44th time, there will be a new president of these United States.  And it will seem flawless to the average American, just like every inauguration before it.  We should all be proud of this [...]

January found me back at my previous place of employment after a three-month hiatus.  And I’m still there, through two rounds of layoffs and a whole lot of stress. February and March found me struggling with tooth #19.   April was the most eventful of months, with my highest A1C yet and a lovely new [...]

Although I only spent the first twelve years of my life there, I am a native of Illinois and the Chicago suburbs (and so are my parents).  As such, I was taught young that there’s always been corruption at the state and local levels.   But the Blagojevich scandal makes me sad and angry.  I [...]

Social networking on Facebook has been interesting.  I’ve connected with people with whom I went to kindergarten and beyond.  Unfortunately, this also means learning sad news.  One of my oldest friends (dating back to first grade) lost her mom back in high school.  I’ve been reeling from that one.  Overall, though, it’s been a good [...]

Yes We Can!


Congratulations, Mr. President, on making history.   I am awfully proud to call Barack Obama my president-elect and look forward to January.  So much has to be done to rescue this country from financial crisis and from a tarnished image throughout the world.  It’s not only Mr. Obama’s job – it is that of all [...]

If you are visiting this blog and are a US citizen of legal voting age, please keep reading.  (All others can ignore this!) Whether you are Republican or Democrat or somewhere in between or somewhere outside either realm… Please vote.  Please make an educated choice, whatever that choice may be, and vote. I voted early [...]

9pm workouts do not keep me up too late – they help me sleep better. Doing dishes by hand is getting old after a month of doing so.  (But I don’t know if we’d be going dishwasher shopping this weekend if it weren’t a bye week for both the Broncos and the Bears…) We sent [...]

1.  So, I’ve been made aware of conservative bloggers who are berating Barack Obama for not taking public funds for campaigning, relying only on private funding. Their argument is that the money people are putting towards Barack’s campaign (not tax deductible) is taking away from money donated to charities. (Um? hello? It could be the [...]

A little football, a little politics, and some other stuff in between: I know week 1 of the NFL season isn’t quite over yet, but I’m pretty excited that the Bears managed to beat the Colts.  Though I know that this was almost like a pre-season game for Peyton Manning and his offense, so I’m [...]

New Sensation.


If Barack Obama is unexperienced with nearly four years as an US Senator and six years as an Illinois State Senator, then what does that make Sarah Palin with less than two years gubernatorial experience?  Sure, she served on a state commission and was part of city government, but nothing more than that.  (Other than [...]