2008 in Review.

January found me back at my previous place of employment after a three-month hiatus.  And I’m still there, through two rounds of layoffs and a whole lot of stress.

February and March found me struggling with tooth #19.  

April was the most eventful of months, with my highest A1C yet and a lovely new piece of jewelry in honor of my birthday and our wedding anniversary.   And unfortunately, Greg’s cousin was lost much too soon and we memorialized him in May.

June brought better days, with Greg’s brother’s wedding at Lowell Observatory.  I also celebrated ten years in Colorado.

July was the beginning of the downward spiral into diabetes oblivion.  Bronchitis was diagnosed and from there on out, there’s not much to say other than job stress, life stress, and depression.  

Oh sure, I started writing about diabetes over at Diabetes Daily in August and about general health at Capessa in September, but overall, I’m not proud about how I treated my body or my writing ability in the second half of this year.  And in the meantime, I stopped food blogging because I couldn’t really blog about cooking when I wasn’t doing any of it!

Still, I’m hopeful that Barack Obama will be a much-needed change for the economy and the future of this country. Speaking of change, mending relationships has been the theme of November and December, with Thanksgiving spent with only my husband in the mountains and a weekend in Wisconsin with my parents.  And I’m slowly gaining strength over food and motivation to exercise.  It definitely helped to get a very touching message from my mom’s sister in her holiday card, as she also deals with type 2.  

Bring on 2009!!!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Here’s to a happy and healthy 2009!


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