Little discoveries.

9pm workouts do not keep me up too late – they help me sleep better.

Doing dishes by hand is getting old after a month of doing so.  (But I don’t know if we’d be going dishwasher shopping this weekend if it weren’t a bye week for both the Broncos and the Bears…)

We sent in our ballots late last week and we tracked ‘em the other night to find that they’ve been received by our county’s clerk and recorder office.  Now, can we please stop getting election junk mail and spam telephone calls?  Please?

That being said, I refuse to talk about the election from here on out.  I’m not going to convince anyone settled in their views just as they’re not going to convince me, someone settled in my views.  (But I still think Sandra’s post is touching even if it sadly proves my point…)

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  1. Allison Blass

    That’s exactly why I don’t talk about the election. At this point, I figure most people understand the issues and already know why they are voting for someone. It’s kind of like religion, I don’t mind answering the question if someone asks but I’m not going to go around saying “You HAVE to believe THIS or you’re an idiot” That just doesn’t make much sense to me. I just hope everyone votes!! :-)


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