Thursday tidbits.

  1. Social networking on Facebook has been interesting.  I’ve connected with people with whom I went to kindergarten and beyond.  Unfortunately, this also means learning sad news.  One of my oldest friends (dating back to first grade) lost her mom back in high school.  I’ve been reeling from that one.  Overall, though, it’s been a good experience reconnecting with the past.
  2. We haven’t had any snow in the Denver metro area yet this year.  This is quite unusual and if we don’t get any by November 21, we will break a record for latest snow ever.  Though I’m watching the news as I write this and they’re saying it might just snow tomorrow.  We’ll see about that – there have been predictions at least three times that fizzled out.
  3. Heard something very funny on one of those morning radio shows earlier this week.  Barack Obama being the first African-American president is one thing, but Joe Biden is the first vice president with hair plugs!  That’s quite an achievement.
  4. Friday cat blogging will be pre-empted tomorrow for World Diabetes Day posting. 

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