An Insomniac Posts.

A little football, a little politics, and some other stuff in between:

  • I know week 1 of the NFL season isn’t quite over yet, but I’m pretty excited that the Bears managed to beat the Colts.  Though I know that this was almost like a pre-season game for Peyton Manning and his offense, so I’m not absolutely confident that this streak will continue for the Bears.  I heard that Brett Favre played decent for the Jets and that Tom Brady might be out for the season (OH NOES BEST QB IN THE UNIVERSE…gag!).  Can’t wait to see how the Broncos do tonight (and to see if I’m correct about Minnesota demolishing the Packers).
  • The fridge we bought when we first moved into the house stopped functioning properly.  We took the opportunity to buy a shiny new stainless steel finish fridge.  Of course, now we want to upgrade the dishwasher and stove, too…
  • I’m looking forward to the presidential and vice-presidential debates just as much as any football game, but could we possibly slow down the amount of political ads around here?  I know we’re a battleground state here in Colorado, but come on, enough is enough. 

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