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The rambly fifteen, #10.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

Upon telling my mother yesterday about my plans to walk a 7k on her birthday, she replied “don’t you worry you will be cold?”. The thing is, in March, it could be anywhere from 70F and sunny to 20F and snowing.

It felt awesome to workout last night, knowing that I have this goal ahead of me. It helped that I made a couple full meals on Sunday for this week, so that I have no excuse not to exercise in that respect. Because if I don’t often feel like cooking during the week when I get home from work, add exercise as soon as I do get home, and I really don’t feel like cooking.

I want to go snowshoeing, but there is no snow down “on the flats”. Thinking about escaping to the close-in ski resort that has a nordic center one of these Saturday or Sundays.

This morning is the endocrinologist appointment I postponed twice. Already have the blood work results that were done in December when I forgot I had postponed the appointment a second time. So all that really needs to happen is a foot check, and a physical thyroid exam to make sure it’s not bulging out or anything. Oh, I’m sure we’ll discuss a statin once again, even though my cholesterol went down. Still not buying into the idea that I need one right now.

It has been almost fifteen minutes and I feel like there’s not much on my mind this morning. Maybe it’s too early for the girl whose cat (Perl) likes to be an alarm clock, especially on the days when the girl can sleep in a little.

One goal.


I need them, especially when it comes to fitness.

The numbers on the blood glucose meter, the numbers on the scale? They mean nothing if I am not doing what I can to stay physically fit. Right now, they both look awesome, but I know I feel emotionally crappy. I should be feeling physically crappy, but for whatever reason, I am not. That makes getting back to a state of physical fitness difficult. Why do I bother if there is no issue with the meter or the scale? If those two measures of physical fitness are fine, why bother exercising at all, no matter the emotional state?

Because I know from previous experience that it can all go south quickly.

And because I know my mother thinks I do everything I can to stay as healthy as possible.

One goal.

Six weeks to get into enough shape to walk a 7k timed event. An event that happens to occur on my mother’s next birthday.

Because I owe it to her to stay as healthy as possible.

Weekly Grace, #4.

(courtesy Schmutzie‘s Grace in Small Things)

  1. Impromptu Thursday lunch hour with a friend and her five-year-old. The kid made me laugh and smile more than I had in days.
  2. Fashion and celebrity magazines given by a co-worker (in order to escape into fantasy worlds to shift focus away from my own).
  3. Virtual hugs and pep talks.
  4. Treating myself to a new movie On Demand - 50/50 – sad, funny, and uplifting all in one.
  5. Being able to sleep in until 8am on a weekend morning without my inner alarm clock (or the feline one named Perl) waking me up earlier.

Friday cat blogging.

That little tuft of fur behind Kari-cat's left ear? Love. It has always been there.

Reading to escape.

For the past several weeks, it seemed that there was never enough time to write. Then why was there more than enough time to read?

Reading allows an escape from one’s own life to enter the lives of other people, whether based on fact or fiction.

Writing allows an explanation of one’s own life, allowing others to enter into that which may be told through essays, poetry, or autobiographical fiction.

These days, I prefer the escape into reading than the explanations writing demands. There is not much to say, at least not much to say that I want to say, that I can say.

Perhaps tomorrow, I will suddenly find a voice again. Or maybe next month. Or maybe not even until next year.

I am not worried (yet). Until it comes back, there is the possibility to escape through reading books.

Weekly Grace, #3.

(courtesy Schmutzie‘s Grace in Small Things)

  1. Clean bill of health for the Perl kitty.
  2. Putting a little effort into dressing up for work makes all the difference on the days when I struggle to get out of bed and out the door.
  3. Dance party workouts.
  4. A rare treat of blueberry pancakes with a touch of real maple syrup.
  5. Another week, another used bookstore (and now so many books to choose from in my to-read pile).

Friday cat blogging.

I see you, Perl…

The rambly fifteen, #9.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

I don’t believe in blackouts to protest the whole SOPA/PIPA mess. (Obviously, since I am writing this blog post this morning.) Ok, so I don’t even understand some of it, and frankly, I have more important things to worry about. From what I do understand, it would only try to bring down sites that are doing real harm (counterfeit prescription drug ordering sites and other scams come to mind). I’m not saying that perhaps the language could be a little more friendly and a little less damning, but I also see a purpose in consumer protection. Not to mention how often I find my blog content (both from here and from other places for which I have written) on foreign mirror sites without links back to the original pieces. I find it kind of funny that people who have complained about skimmed content are all up in arms about SOPA/PIPA. Again, I don’t claim to understand much of it.

Same goes for my plans to visit Chicago. In the middle of February. You would think the real cure for cabin fever would be going somewhere warm. I’ll save that for next winter.

Not much to say about Paula Deen’s disclosure of her type 2 diabetes. I wish she had come out about it sooner, to help others, not because she got some lucrative deal to promote a newer, expensive drug to treat the condition. Oh, and butter and other animal-based fats do not cause of type 2 diabetes, every much as sugar and like products are not, either. It is often genetics first, lifestyle factors second*. Anyways…

Let me gulp down this coffee and jump in the shower so I can get to work on time.

*EDIT due to a shower thought: Forgot about environmental factors like pollution and chemicals that may mutate genes, too. Probably should put that in front of lifestyle factors…

Weekly Grace, #2.

(courtesy Schmutzie‘s Grace in Small Things)

  1. Game plan in place to deal with the recent surge in panic attacks.
  2. Spending more time doing the things I love – photography, cooking, and keeping fit with exercise.
  3. Brand new flannel sheets.
  4. A personal New Year’s greeting from a friend sent through snail mail.
  5. Finding a fantastic used bookstore in the most unlikeliest of strip malls.

Friday cat blogging: Photo Booth edition.

Kari-cat looks at me adoringly...

...and Perl loves me.

A few days later, Kari-cat went for the "attack".

Perl couldn't care less about anything when she's sleeping.


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