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Weekly Grace, #60.

  1. Cats were fine while I was away and showed me how much they missed me upon my return.
  2. Shaving legs after a week of not doing so. (What can I say, the hotel shower was small?)
  3. Easiest transition back into work after vacation ever.
  4. Not needing to take time off work for the inevitable cold that followed travel.
  5. Weekend snowstorm, no messy commute – just watching the snowflakes fly from the comfort of a warm apartment.

Weekly Grace, #59.

  1. Love and support from all areas of my life.
  2. Being able to leave work and most other troubles behind for a week.
  3. Meeting longtime online friends offline.
  4. Taking more time out to read than I have in several months.
  5. Thrilled that I have been able to give myself one of my biggest dreams. (Now to dream something else up for next year?)

Weekly Grace, #58.

  1. There’s hockey to watch now that football is done another season.
  2. Fulfilling needs of mid-90′s nostalgia.
  3. The last time I had to fill the anti-anxiety medication was June, and the only reason I needed to now was to have the name on the bottle match my passport.
  4. Clam pizza. (It’s better than it might sound.)
  5. Tights. Lots of them!

Weekly Grace, #57.

  1. Days are passing quickly.
  2. Logging 200+ minutes of exercise from Sat-Fri this past week.
  3. Hockey is back…and so are the Avalanche.
  4. Breakfast food at lunch with a friend.
  5. Getting great advice about upcoming trip.

Weekly Grace, #56.

  1. Kari-cat acting like a kitten at times in spite of chronic renal failure.
  2. Making room for real furniture.
  3. Long-needed haircut.
  4. Successful thrifting.
  5. Adam Levine on SNL.

Weekly Grace, #55.

  1. Unloading some long-held baggage.
  2. Decorating a cubicle for a co-worker’s 40th birthday with an excellent reaction.
  3. Gathering with friends on multiple occasions this week.
  4. (With good beer, good wine, good food, and a new favorite restaurant.)
  5. Giggle fits with the six-year-old daughter of one of those good friends.

Weekly Grace, #54.

  1. Finding humor with co-workers in a less-than-ideal situation after a water main break.
  2. Getting through what looked to be a rough work week easily and without stress or anxiety.
  3. BLT with avocado.
  4. Freshly cleaned teeth by the hygienist.
  5. Regularly scheduled workouts.

Weekly Grace, #53.

  1. Going to bed at 10:30pm on New Year’s Eve with no regrets.
  2. An adorable photo of the twin nieces in tutus with the Chicago skyline in the background.
  3. Warming trend allowing for lunchtime walks.
  4. Favorite place for coffee near work being back open after a holiday hiatus.
  5. Treating myself to a movie (Silver Linings Playbook) and a wander around a bookstore.

Weekly Grace, #52.

  1. A quiet Christmas day with the cats.
  2. Thoughtful gift from sister and her family.
  3. A quiet few days in the office and telecommuting, getting stuff accomplished.
  4. Starting to prepare for London trip with a few small but key purchases.
  5. The Broncos are #1 seeds (a consolation prize to the Bears not getting to the playoffs, but…)

Weekly Grace, #51.

1. Work excitement and good times celebrating.
2. No weather disruptions for traveling back to Wisconsin.
3. Home cooked goodness every dinner of the visit.
4. A lovely necklace from the younger nieces and nephew…three hearts, one for each of them.
5. Bears still barely alive for playoffs.


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