The rambly fifteen, #1.

I keep hearing this thing about writing for fifteen minutes about anything and everything without stopping to edit or correct grammar. Tonight, I am giving it a try in the form of a blog post, as I feel I need some kind of blog content this week, but am feeling a lack of creativity.

The Kari-cat ended up not having a full dental cleaning yesterday, as her blood pressure dropped under anesthesia. The vet brought her around when it was clear that typical measures to raise blood pressure were not working. They did manage to draw blood for a range of tests, which ended up nearly all normal other than slightly elevated liver enzymes and borderline hyperthyroidism.

Given all the scary implications of significant weight loss and low blood pressure under anesthesia, being able to say I “only” need to give the cat one daily chewable pill seems like an awesome situation. Honestly, even the prospect of losing her (or losing any of the girls, here with me or there with him) is more than I can handle right now.

Somebody sent me mail today, someone local, some who I see every few weeks. To be specific, somebody sent me chocolate and music. One of these days, I need to go on a hike with her…I keep saying that.

Not on Saturday, though. It shall be cold and rainy – perfect day to stay inside and keep warm surrounded by two cuddly felines. I think the last hints of summer we experienced earlier this week are gone…and autumn is really here.

Considering a haircut, one not too different from Cobie Smulders’ current cut for her character Robin on How I Met Your Mother. I laugh at all the hate of said haircut on Television Without Pity because I kind of like the sort of messy layered look. Well, obviously, because I am considering a haircut just like hers.

Oh, there’s the end of fifteen minutes.

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  1. I think we should go for a walk on a trail… ;)


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