Weekly Grace, #3.

(courtesy Schmutzie‘s Grace in Small Things)

  1. Clean bill of health for the Perl kitty.
  2. Putting a little effort into dressing up for work makes all the difference on the days when I struggle to get out of bed and out the door.
  3. Dance party workouts.
  4. A rare treat of blueberry pancakes with a touch of real maple syrup.
  5. Another week, another used bookstore (and now so many books to choose from in my to-read pile).

Posted on January 22, 2012, in Weekly Grace in Small Things. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. #4 – yum!
    #5 – we keep a book cart at work for a “book exchange”
    #1 – good!
    #2 – it’s like the old “school picture days…”
    #3 – have fun!

    • Minnesota Nice (and Cold)

      You know, Rache, that even though I’m not working, getting nicely dressed makes a huge difference in my day.
      I have some new athletic shoes that keep coming untied. During the first sludgy days of winter, the laces kept dragging in the muck and were nearly black. They looked terrible but I didn’t care.
      And now, putting some nice sparkly new ones on from KMart has made all the difference. (And I found a website of knots that show you how to tie slip proof ones – might come in handy when sailing also…tee hee)
      Like Colleen, at work we had a bin in the lunchroom where people put their used books. It was a big hit.


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