The rambly fifteen, #10.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

Upon telling my mother yesterday about my plans to walk a 7k on her birthday, she replied “don’t you worry you will be cold?”. The thing is, in March, it could be anywhere from 70F and sunny to 20F and snowing.

It felt awesome to workout last night, knowing that I have this goal ahead of me. It helped that I made a couple full meals on Sunday for this week, so that I have no excuse not to exercise in that respect. Because if I don’t often feel like cooking during the week when I get home from work, add exercise as soon as I do get home, and I really don’t feel like cooking.

I want to go snowshoeing, but there is no snow down “on the flats”. Thinking about escaping to the close-in ski resort that has a nordic center one of these Saturday or Sundays.

This morning is the endocrinologist appointment I postponed twice. Already have the blood work results that were done in December when I forgot I had postponed the appointment a second time. So all that really needs to happen is a foot check, and a physical thyroid exam to make sure it’s not bulging out or anything. Oh, I’m sure we’ll discuss a statin once again, even though my cholesterol went down. Still not buying into the idea that I need one right now.

It has been almost fifteen minutes and I feel like there’s not much on my mind this morning. Maybe it’s too early for the girl whose cat (Perl) likes to be an alarm clock, especially on the days when the girl can sleep in a little.

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