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Sporting news.


Not sure what to think about Brady Quinn being traded from the Browns to the Broncos for Peyton Hillis and draft picks.  As much as I *heart* Hillis, I know the rumor was he was on Hoodie Jr.’s poop list. Excited about all the changes happening with the Bears – both with coaches and with [...]

NFL playoff picks.


You know I had to.  Especially since my predictions were so far off back in September. Wild Card Weekend Eagles over Cowboys Packers over Cardinals Jets over Bengals Patriots over Ravens (lesser of two evils at the moment) Divisional Weekend Colts over Jets Patriots over Chargers (lesser of two evils at the moment) Saints over [...]

The problem with college football.


I know what you’re thinking based on this post’s title.  Rachel is off talking football again and I’ll just ignore it because I don’t follow football.  But this post is about more than football.  It’s about the budget crunches that state governments are facing. The University of Colorado regents are facing an agonizing decision.  Dan [...]

Insurance always comes through for you?


Last night, during the halftime show of the rather pathetic showing from both the Bears and 49ers*, Michael Irvin had a short interview with Chad Ochocinco (aka Chad Johnson). “Insurance always comes through for you,” Mr. Ochocinco explained as he described his dedication to coming through for his quarterback, Carson Palmer, each and every time [...]

Ode to second quarter.


Here I am, a cat purring at my side. Bears kitty (also known as Nepenthe) and I were previously watching the snow fall outside as well as sniffing the air to catch a whiff of the roast slowly cooking away in the crock pot. Now she’s sleeping and I’m watching the Bears make fools of [...]

I had NO idea.


Up until very recently, I had no idea that… iPhone apps include a BabyTracker, keeping tabs on diaper changes and feedings and sleep patterns, as I discovered when I visited my brother, sister-in-law and their infant twins recently. iPhone apps also include all sorts of food and exercise journals, as I discovered when some of [...]

Feeling like Sunday 2009, week #2.


What is happening to me?  For the second time in this early NFL season, I’m going out with “the girls” rather than staying home and watching football.   This time, one of them was surprised that I would even consider dinner on a Sunday during football season much less agree to it right away.  (And [...]

And my NFL picks, you ask?


This post only intended for NFL fans. AFC East:  Patriots (2), Dolphins, Jets, Bills AFC North:  Steelers (1), Ravens, Browns, Bengals AFC South:  Titans (3), Colts, Texans, Jaguars AFC West:  Chiefs (4), Chargers, Broncos, Raiders Wild Cards:  Colts, Ravens Playoffs: Chiefs over Colts, Titans over Ravens Titans over Patriots, Steelers over Chiefs Titans over Steelers [...]

Once again, the calendar has turned a page and now it reads September. It means football.  and turning leaves.  and the fall harvest. And then there’s dusting off the light box. For those of us who deal with seasonal affective disorder, September can be a mixed bag of feelings as the days shorten and the [...]

Dear Brett…


Dear Brett, So today you decided not to retire after all.  Let’s see… …You have Packer fans renouncing your greatness. …You have Viking fans disinterested because of your little problem with the interceptions. …You have Lion fans wishing it was their team who swayed towards your latest whim. …You have Bear fans laughing and hoping [...]