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Sunday night live?

I’m probably going to regret this…

Friday cat blogging.

Karelia in the sun.  

Little discoveries.

9pm workouts do not keep me up too late – they help me sleep better.

Doing dishes by hand is getting old after a month of doing so.  (But I don’t know if we’d be going dishwasher shopping this weekend if it weren’t a bye week for both the Broncos and the Bears…)

We sent in our ballots late last week and we tracked ‘em the other night to find that they’ve been received by our county’s clerk and recorder office.  Now, can we please stop getting election junk mail and spam telephone calls?  Please?

That being said, I refuse to talk about the election from here on out.  I’m not going to convince anyone settled in their views just as they’re not going to convince me, someone settled in my views.  (But I still think Sandra’s post is touching even if it sadly proves my point…)

Political rants.

1.  So, I’ve been made aware of conservative bloggers who are berating Barack Obama for not taking public funds for campaigning, relying only on private funding. Their argument is that the money people are putting towards Barack’s campaign (not tax deductible) is taking away from money donated to charities. (Um? hello? It could be the economy? I read somewhere how the average donation to Obama is like $25, but I don’t have a source.) 

Oh. My. Lord. You know that if he’d taken public funds, they’d be all over him for using taxpayer dollars.
2.  Oh noes, Barack Obama’s tax plan is “re-distribution of wealth”.  This is my argument that I’ve thought out over the past few days:
Who else is going to pay for government programs? And if not the government through tax dollars, who? Who pays for veterans affairs, who pays for early childhood education, who helps elders thrive, who helps kids go to college?  

I’m sorry, but I think the American people are inherently selfish and wouldn’t voluntarily pay for these things on their own. In that realm, that means more poverty and less education. No, exclusive “personal responsibility” does not mean that everyone thrives. It means more people suffer because there is too much American greed and there would be too much grabbing for the gold instead of the middle class – and probably failing in the process. And I’d refer you to any Dickens novel to see how things were in England a couple centuries ago under those principles.

That’s why I think taxes are a necessary evil and find it my responsibility to help others through taxes as well as service and cash through charity. If someone could guarantee programs would continue with private dollars, I’d be all for it, but again, I just don’t think it would happen. 

And I’m sorry, but I think that the top 5% should be open to spreading their wealth a little. Too many of top athletes and actors have proven that they can’t handle the fame and the wealth. And they’re the vast majority of who is in that top 5%.  

3.  McCain has not positively addressed the needs of those with chronic, pre-existing illnesses under his health care plan.   You might get a nice tax credit, but it may not help you get affordable health coverage (even under a free market) should you lose your employer’s health coverage with a chronic illness.  

Friday cat blogging.

Darling Athena…

(Featured this week as the background on work computer.)

Homeowner’s paradise.

First week of September:  Refrigerator f’ed up beyond repair.  Quickly replaced.

Last week of September:  Dishwasher f’ed up beyond repair.  Homeowners still washing dishes by hand.

Second week of October:  Automatic garage door opener f’ed up.  Possibly can be repaired.  

What next?

Weekend wrap-up.

1.  I must have angered the football gods.  Two of my three favorite college teams (Colorado, Northwestern) LOST.  Both of my NFL teams (Bears, Broncos) LOST, the Bears in the last second of the game.  (At least Kyle Orton and the offense showed some life this week, right?)

2.  Struggling to get out of the SAD rut.  I am going to try my hardest to come home and work out every night this week.  Even if it’s only for 20 minutes, I need it for my emotional health.  (Already maxing out time with the light box in the morning, so this is all that I can do now.)  

3.  I have a purring cat in my lap.  And Indian food on its way for dinner.  That rules.

Friday cat blogging.

Neppie, as featured on my computer screen background at work this week.

Starting over.

I’ve been taking more of an inward approach to my writing, rather than public blogging and writing. I’ve been less than impressed with my writing over the past few months, but taking some time to write privately has improved things greatly.  These two pieces are ones that I am rather proud of:

Latest dLife column on being a household touched by diabetes twice over during these economic times.

Latest Capessa blog on being a woman with type 2 diabetes and dealing with weight issues.

I hope the trend of better writing continues.


Oh, and I’m wishing my husband a very happy 34th birthday today!

Crosstown Classic?

Happy to see that both the Cubs and the White Sox have made the baseball playoffs.

My parents raised me as a Cubs fan – however, there are White Sox fans in my mom’s family.  

Nope, I wouldn’t mind an all-Chicago World Series…


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