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Growing up.


It’s true.  We have grown-up furniture in our family room, not just an entertainment center made out of particle board.  How spiffy is this? Have I mentioned how much I love the hardwood floors and how easy they are to clean?  (Yeah, yeah, I know I have…)  

Home sweet home.


For the first time in quite awhile, I feel like our house is truly our home.  So much pride has been cultivated from the installation of hardwood floors in our living, dining, and family rooms.  We will strive to avoid the disarray these rooms previously had fallen into. Though at first there was some apprehension, [...]

Accentuate the Positive.


It’s been a long work week and there’s still Friday left.  That’s been a source of negativity as of late, so I want to focus on positive things:   Keeping busy watching Grey’s Anatomy, House, the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL playoffs), and the Denver Nuggets (NBA playoffs).  If they don’t give Justin Chambers an Emmy nomination, [...]

We have closed on our refinancing.  By closing on our refinancing, I signed my maiden name for very possibly the last time in my life.  We bought the house and refinanced the first time under my maiden name, so we had to do a quit claim deed to change my name forever and ever on [...]



It shouldn’t take a painful cat scratch to get me to trim the girls’ claws, but sometimes it does.  Previously, I’d stuck to a every-three-weeks schedule, but lately, it’s needed to be done closer to every two weeks.  Just one more thing to do around here… Where has January gone?  I mean, really.  The acts [...]

First week of September:  Refrigerator f’ed up beyond repair.  Quickly replaced. Last week of September:  Dishwasher f’ed up beyond repair.  Homeowners still washing dishes by hand. Second week of October:  Automatic garage door opener f’ed up.  Possibly can be repaired.   What next?

House hunting, April 2000. One was too small, a couple were too big, and this one was just right.   A counter-offer had to be made right away, as the first offer came through an hour before our first view of this house.  The only question was the field behind the house – what would [...]



HELLO INTERNETS: Let’s see. It’s only Tuesday and a busy week for everyone in the house. Rachel is stressed with work – too stressed with work (that’s why we’re writing this week). We’re scared about how panicked she is when she is here at home. Hopefully that will end soon. (Oh, and we take offense [...]

The tree is gone. Finally GONE. Damaged in the blizzard of March 2003, diseased after that. No more rustling against the house, tearing screens and keeping sleep at bay. The morning light shines bright into the kitchen now without the tree there. Kind of nice to have some natural light. *** What is it with [...]

A routine thanks.


Back down to two humans in the house. Greg’s brother finished up student teaching a couple weeks ago and is headed back to the area where he finished up his college years. He deserves some special mention here because we’re so happy and excited for him! It was a long, difficult road to getting his [...]