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No, no, I’m not talking sports here.  I have a whole other blog for that.  (Whoops, some shameless self-promotion…let’s move on, shall we?) I’m talking about the team behind my chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and mental health issues) and more recently, some wild stuff that went on with my lady bits and appendix. [...]



He carried with him type 1 diabetes. I carried with me mental health concerns. In spite of all the baggage, we fell in love.  I moved a thousand miles from everything I had ever known to be with him and later we exchanged marriage vows. Within a few years, another suitcase landed in my lap [...]

Even as the calendar turns to April, there’s always one last burst of darkness before the light starts shining as far as my variation on seasonal affective disorder is concerned.  Unfortunately, this often coincides with my birthday, making me an emotional mess for such a happy day.  As such, the past few days have constituted [...]

Every paragraph, a different subject.


Stepping in cat vomit within five minutes of waking is the wrong way to start one’s day.  Never mind a Monday.  Never mind the Ides of March. *** About the whole New York Times article about bloggers who happen to be mothers and who get paid and/or freebies along the way.   This was a brutally honest [...]

February can be so cruel with its temptations of light.  Lighter mornings, lighter evenings, as we hustle and bustle to and from work.  Spring is just around the corner, the advertisements tell us, promising the joys of swimsuits and shorts. And then, HA!  Snow and cold return with a vengeance. The light box burned out [...]

When I look back at last summer and read the entries of the worst days of my latest episode of depression brought on by tremendous anxiety, I feel relieved that I found the help I needed.  Somehow, I managed to work through many issues that were bothering me and escaped much of the seasonal depression I [...]

Once again, the calendar has turned a page and now it reads September. It means football.  and turning leaves.  and the fall harvest. And then there’s dusting off the light box. For those of us who deal with seasonal affective disorder, September can be a mixed bag of feelings as the days shorten and the [...]

Writing while sitting in front of light box. Elliptical workout while listening to Christmas music, Poison, and REO Speedwagon. Coffee during Meet the Press. Shower in time for the FOX NFL pre-game show picks. Football, football, and more football.  Scrabble during meaningless games (to us), rapt attention during the Broncos game (when not checking the [...]

1.  I must have angered the football gods.  Two of my three favorite college teams (Colorado, Northwestern) LOST.  Both of my NFL teams (Bears, Broncos) LOST, the Bears in the last second of the game.  (At least Kyle Orton and the offense showed some life this week, right?) 2.  Struggling to get out of the [...]

The sun is shining, the air is warm, birds are chirping, flowers are budding, cats are leashed and walking around the backyard. Spring has sprung, it seems.  I’m trying my hardest to be optimistic that no more wintry weather will come to the Front Range of Colorado until late autumn*. This was another rough transition [...]