A year later.

A year ago tonight, the husband and I dined on barbecue after work and sat down to watch DVR’ed Flash Forward.  (They ended up cancelling that show, right?  We kind of stopped watching after that.)

Although I’d spent a few weeks not feeling good and been scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound the following week, things turned dramatically south that evening with a high fever and sudden nausea.

That evening’s emergency room visit turned into a hospital admission.  A hospital admission turned into a major abdominal surgery.  A major abdominal surgery turned into a long recovery period.  A long recovery period turned into a follow-up CT scan.  A follow-up CT scan turned into another major abdominal surgery and another (easier) recovery period.

Things are different now.  Chronic pelvic pain, from a seemingly unrelated ovarian dermoid cyst, is a memory following the second surgery.  An incidental finding on that follow-up CT scan of a malformed uterus led to a difficult decision to close the door on future fertility.

And now that I need strength more than ever due to some other life concerns, I need to remember how strong I was through the whole mess.


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  1. many hugs to you!

  2. I’m virtually squeezing your hand while hiding in Holiday Lane at Macys. I’ll also virtually whisper dirty jokes in your ear if that’ll help. Big carton hearts to you, muffin.


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