Friday cat blogging: Tuxedo cat world domination edition.

Dear internets,

As Rachel is off in New York City for some blogging conference, I am stuck here at home with that man.  That man who insists on calling me “Poopsie” and holding me against my will, what a dorkbutt.  Since I’m busy hiding from him (and camera-shy today), I asked my pals K.C. (human is Karen) and Casey (human is George) to write a few words.




Greetings!  My tuxedo friends and I are taking over your computer today for a little Friday Cat Blogging.  While our moms are out of town at some silly blogging thing for women, Perl and I have our heads together plotting World Domination, as only a couple of bi-coastal tuxedo cats can do.  Given our superior intelligence and disarming cuteness, it should be a breeze.  First off, I’m concentrating on my list of demands?  What do I have so far?  A food dish that is NEVER empty (and has wet food in it more often), unlimited access to all the yarn in my house (which I’m never allowed to chew or bat around), use of my favorite scratching post without getting yelled at (what good is that pretty arm chair if I can’t drag my claws across it?) and a cease and desist order on that annoying thing my mom does all the time (it’s humiliating to be scooped up, cuddled and kissed a million times on the head while listening to incessant bather about how I’m so cute and such a good girl).  None of these demands are unreasonable, so don’t even think about resisting.  Although I guess I can put up with being told how cute I am!


K.C. from Connecticut


Hi everyone. I’m Casey from California and I am joining these two lovely Tuxedos in some Friday cat blogging too! My human keeps talking about how he wishes he could go to this blogging thing that Perl and K.C.’s humans are going to. I guess it has to do with how he uses the litter box or something. Who knows!

He rambles a lot. My other human told him he should put on a wig and get over it but he just sulks around and eats lots of bacon (smells so good) to take his mind off of things. I am allowing my female feline friends choose the demands for the world domination thing. They are much smarter about that stuff than us boy cats. We just think about food and sleep. In fact, I gotta go. I just heard food hit my bowl!

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  1. AWEsome. :-)

  2. Ha! My cat has the same “stare at the computer” habit. But he’s not a tuxedo — he’s puffy and the color of a peach.

  3. Michael Hoskins

    Love it.

  4. Scott K. Johnson


    K.C.’s list of demands sounds pretty reasonable, and I cracked up with Casey’s line about how it must have something to do with how his human uses the liter box or something.

    Fabulous! Nice job my favorite family of kittens (Baumgartel kitties included of course!)

  5. Dammit Casey! I knew I should have left you in the room when I left for work!

  6. Oh my goodness, I can’t even go out of town for a long weekend without Pete letting K.C. get a hold of the computer to blog a list of demands and plot word domination?? They may be cute, but they are both in big trouble!!


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