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If you caught me somewhere between the 2-hour shuttle ride and the carb-fest for Saturday breakfast, you would have likely heard me say “no way, not going to BlogHer ’11, this is my last one”. If you caught me later than that, you would have likely heard me say, “San Diego, here I come!!!”. Over [...]

It took two hours to get from LaGuardia to the Hilton.  Yeah, yeah, traffic, other tourists going to other hotels, whatever.  It certainly did not help that the shuttle driver stopped for gas along the way and also asked us, the tourists, for directions to our hotels.  (Between that and the fact my return shuttle [...]

This blog is small.  And yet, it is nearly five years old. Ever evolving in name, platform, and subject matter, this started as a diabetes blog until I started doing that at Diabetes Daily a couple years back.  Football talk dominated previous autumns, though this year I shall write about that at Garbage Time.  And if I [...]

Schmutzie hugged me. I gained the courage to walk up to her and tell her what a difference the Grace in Small Things project has made in this life of mine filled with anxiety and depression.  What a difference has been made in a year filled with some horrible stuff.  What a difference has been [...]

An early morning walk with Karen in Central Park.  In a tutu. Excellent session on stoking your creativity.   And now ideas are flowing. Lower carb lunch options with grilled vegetables and Israeli couscous.  Nom nom nom. Getting enough alone time in the room after lunch. An early dinner of fish & chips (decent enough, [...]

Dear internets, As Rachel is off in New York City for some blogging conference, I am stuck here at home with that man.  That man who insists on calling me “Poopsie” and holding me against my will, what a dorkbutt.  Since I’m busy hiding from him (and camera-shy today), I asked my pals K.C. (human [...]

A few years back, I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time.  I wasn’t all that interested in that part of the trip, thinking, “oh gee, a big hole, whoop-di-do”.  Compared to Santa Fe and Las Vegas, the other destinations on our road trip, this was one for the husband to enjoy even though [...]



Up until yesterday, there was only one brand who reached out to me as an attendee of BlogHer ’10.  At first I was offended by the brand seeking me out.  I mean, REALLY offended. Then I started considering this post, and this one, too. No wonder Metamucil wanted me to visit their “At Home with [...]

Taking an idea from Diana and turning into a meme for me.  Rather fitting as she will be one of my roommates for BlogHer ’10.  And perhaps, any random BlogHer attendee might find this and either really really really want to meet me…or s/he might want to avoid me at all costs…!  (And if you [...]

Days of Grace: 281/365


Coffee before shower, always a good thing when possible. Two blog posts ready to go tomorrow, after plenty of time to create them. I eat less when I am at home during the day.  Doesn’t make sense, but I’ll take it. Able to run jog 10 minutes of a 30-minute run/walk.  Should be able to [...]