Resolutions, Goals, Hopes, Whatever.

First of all, see my three diabetes goals for 2009 at Diabetes Daily.  As I mention there, I will turn 33 this year, so the theme is “3″.  

Besides those, I have three writing goals:

  1. Make all deadlines without sacrificing quality.  
  2. Write something structured every day.  By structured, that means a blog post or a piece written with the help of one of my writing exercise books.  
  3. Have a rough draft of a novel written by the end of the year.

And then, three general goals:

  1. Read 33 books.  This shouldn’t be hard, as that’s the exact number I read in 2008.  
  2. Participate in 3 major fitness events for charity – whether that means a 5k run, a longer walk, a stair climb, or possibly triathlon, I’m not sure.  
  3. Visit 3 new places.  This doesn’t mean having to travel far or with great expense, just somewhere I’ve never been.  Thoughts so far include Manitou Springs, Colorado; Soldier Field in Chicago; Kansas City; New York City; Seattle; London along with Norwich, England (where Greg was born).  

We’ll see what the year actually brings…

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  1. Minnesota Nice (and cold)

    Well, Rachel, whatever the year brings may you also have peace, joy and fulfillment.
    Happy New Year.


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