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No, no, I’m not talking sports here.  I have a whole other blog for that.  (Whoops, some shameless self-promotion…let’s move on, shall we?) I’m talking about the team behind my chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and mental health issues) and more recently, some wild stuff that went on with my lady bits and appendix. [...]

In which the footnotes are longer than the post itself. Compared to the emotional wreck I was before the second surgery, I am in a good place.  I don’t know if is the anti-depressant*, or the actual real Synthroid my mail-order pharmacy sent this last time**, or the fact that I shouldn’t need a pelvic [...]

I am fearing today’s dentist appointment for filling a cavity much more than the open pelvic surgery next week.  Even the bowel prep for said surgery sounds much more appealing. Yeah, the last couple dental cleanings have reignited a long-standing anxiety about people sticking sharp objects in my mouth.  At least I have the afternoon [...]

The mental health care plan.


Last week, I would have been happiest had I been curled in bed, weeping and sleeping.  In fact, for most of Saturday, I did exactly that.  I would have fit in well with that “depression hurts” commercial. Things were looking up for a couple days, though that feeling started to evaporate.  I could tell I [...]

Here we go again. Because it wasn’t enough to have an emergency laparotomy and have the JP drain placed for several days after surgery. Because it wasn’t enough to have no fewer than five pelvic exams from no fewer than five different physicians in the month of December. I need even more fun in my life. [...]

Every paragraph, a different subject.


Stepping in cat vomit within five minutes of waking is the wrong way to start one’s day.  Never mind a Monday.  Never mind the Ides of March. *** About the whole New York Times article about bloggers who happen to be mothers and who get paid and/or freebies along the way.   This was a brutally honest [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: Lost and Found


Running late last Monday thanks to the snow and cold, never good for a doctor’s appointment. Switched on the light to let the psychiatrist know I was there – appeared she was running late as well. Turned off my Blackberry and put it back in the same purse pocket where my bus pass resides.  Or [...]

Yesterday’s comments in reaction to this post made me think.  They made me think about calling my endocrinologist for a recommendation to a new primary care physician or even an orthopedist, as our insurance allows us to go to specialists without referrals.   They made me think about the fear I feel about how a doctor [...]

September 28, 2009. The alarm goes off early.  Oh, so early.  Whose bright idea was it to take an early morning flight home to Denver from this quick weekend trip “home” to Wisconsin?  Oh, yeah, ME.  After all, I’ve burned through all my vacation time and need to get to work as soon as possible [...]

I feel good.  Not perfect, but so much better than the place I was in two months ago.  It shows around work, too, with a couple people noticing that I seem myself again this week.  No panic attacks every morning when facing a daily deadline, more pleasant to be around in general.  I think my [...]