A Food Meme.

(Thanks to Julia.  

1. How do you like your eggs?
In an omelette, please.  Mushrooms, Swiss, maybe artichokes too.   

2. How do you take your coffee/tea?
Coffee – with a splash of soy milk and a dash of stevia.  Tea – nothing.



3. Favorite breakfast food:
French toast.  Le sigh.   

4. Peanut butter:
None thanks.  

5. What kind of dressing on your salad?
Balsamic Vinegarette.

6. Coke or Pepsi?
Diet Coke, please.  (Or even better, diet Dr. Pepper.)

7. You’re feeling lazy. What do you make?
Either linguine with clam sauce or pork chops and applesauce.

8. You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order?
Canadian Bacon & Pineapple.   

9. You feel like cooking. What do you make?
Lasagna.  Anything in the crock pot.

10. Do any foods bring back good memories?
Flank steak.  Fresh fish.  

11. Do any foods bring back bad memories?
Baked potatoes.  (Something I just don’t eat anymore with type 2 diabetes.)

12. Do any foods remind you of someone?

13. Is there a food you refuse to eat?
Foie gras.

14. What was your favorite food as a child?
Linguine with clam sauce.

15. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like?
Calamari.  Red meat.

16. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate?
Anything too sweet.

17. Favorite fruit and vegetable:
Strawberries, pears, kiwi.  Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus.

18. Favorite junk food:
Brownies, Doritos, mac & cheese.

19. Favorite between meal snack:
String cheese.

20. Do you have any weird food habits?
I don’t think so.

21. You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on?
Fish & seafood.

22. You’re off your diet. Now what would you like?
Cheesecake, brownies.  Or cheesecake brownies!

23. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai?

24. Can I get you a drink?
Yes, please.

25. Red or White Wine?
Red, zinfandel to be precise.

26. Favorite dessert?
Anything with the word “chocolate”.

27. The perfect nightcap?
Port, a rich chocolate dessert, followed by coffee.





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  1. This meme makes me hungry every time I read one.


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