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While BlogHer ’10 is still seven weeks away, the buzz has begun to build this week.  And of course, everyone who has been there before is giving advice to the newbies.  So why should I be any different? Not every woman who goes to the conference has children. If you are apprehensive about attending and [...]

The doorbell rang, but I was too lazy to get up and answer it.  I figured it was some solicitor hoping to run into a homeowner in the middle of a Thursday.  Normally, I am not home in the middle of a Thursday, but I woke up with a massive sinus headache and slept most [...]

What they say is true about BlogHer.  You don’t want to try and go to a breakout session in every single time slot. Other than the “speed dating” exercise at the opening session, I kept busy all of Friday attending Leadership:  Owning Your Expertise (wrote about this over at Diabetes Daily), Identity/Passions:  Lifeblogging Outside the [...]

Uncontrollably giggling like a teenybopper, about to fall off the couch or pee my pants or something else entirely embarrassing – that’s when I knew.  Late Saturday evening (or was it early Sunday morning?) is when I realized I was having excellent fun amongst people I’d only met anywhere from 48 hours to an hour [...]

This one isn’t going to be about the sessions I attended or about the sights I saw or the level of social anxiety I experienced this weekend.  No, that will come later this week. This one will be about the people I met this weekend.  Some I’ve “known” for four years, others I only heard [...]

Change of Heart.


Total 180-degree turn from where I was last week about BlogHer. The biggest reason?  Saturday night is the 52nd annual Venetian Night in Chicago.  I have always wanted to see the lighted boat parade up close and personal – and now I have the chance. But there’s other reasons.  All the bloggers I finally get [...]

Where’s the BlogHer love?


I’m having a hard time getting excited for BlogHer next week. No, no, I’m excited to meet all sorts of people such as Kerri and Kim (and who could forget one of my roommates, Julia?!?)  I hope my other roommate and I will hit it off after briefly meeting at the Denver-Boulder event held last month. [...]

We had three things in common. Being female. Blogging. Residing in the Denver/Boulder metro area. And for a couple hours, we met in the back room of a local coffeehouse in preparation for next month’s BlogHer conference in Chicago.  Some of us are attending, some aren’t, and some just found out they made it off [...]

Cute Shoes.


There are plenty of ways I don’t act like a girl.  I love football, I hate shopping, and my fingernails continue to be bitten on a regular basis.  I will laugh out loud at dirty jokes and I’m not a big fan of wearing make-up. There are plenty of ways I do act like a [...]



Anxiety’s a bitch.  It’s taking over my life right now, in spite of following diet and exercise.  A lot of what’s going on has to do with work and I’d rather not talk about that here.  Other than the fact that my anxiety symptoms this week are scaring me – stuff like dizziness and numbness [...]