In advance of BlogHer ’10.

While BlogHer ’10 is still seven weeks away, the buzz has begun to build this week.  And of course, everyone who has been there before is giving advice to the newbies.  So why should I be any different?

  • Not every woman who goes to the conference has children. If you are apprehensive about attending and ready to give up your ticket because of the so-called mommybloggers, be rest assured there are plenty of us without children.  (And just because a blogger might be a mommy doesn’t mean she blogs about motherhood all the time.  Or at all.)
  • Carry business cards everywhere. You never know where you might strike up a conversation – in the hotel lobby, in the conference registration line, in a session, in the bathroom – it is all possible.
  • You are there for the conference first and foremost, obviously.   Limit yourself to three sessions or less – any more can be overwhelming. I attended sessions in all three time slots on Friday last year and my brain hurt by Saturday morning.  If it hadn’t been for the fact I had a friend speaking on a Saturday panel, I would have skipped the day entirely.  This time around, I plan on one Friday session and two Saturday sessions.   Or three Saturday sessions.  Oh heck, I don’t know yet for sure.  (I am NOT missing the ROYO session for sports bloggers on Saturday morning, though!  Especially not with trying to get Garbage Time up and running…oops, shameless plug.)
  • But don’t you dare miss the Community Keynote. I laughed.  I cried.  I’ll be there again to laugh and cry some more.
  • Yes, there are private parties. Some are sponsored, some are not.  Yeah, I was a little upset I didn’t get invited to a couple sponsored events, but I got over it.   My thought on the unsponsored private parties is that is completely okay for a group of women who “know” each other online to gather privately for a few hours.   (And who knows, you might get lucky like I was last year and get invited to such a party as a “plus one” at the last minute, meeting a whole new group of women you never know existed online.)

Any other questions?  Leave a comment and I’ll give you my answer.

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  1. I feel like I’m so clueless that I don’t even know what questions to ask you!!!! The only thing I have going for me is that I’ve got my business cards all set to go. But I’ll happily read any and all advice you’d like to pass on.

    Oh, here’s a question. What do people wear? I was planning to pack skirts or casual dresses and flats. Kind of business professional. Good?

    • talesofmy30s

      Yes, business casual is perfect, Karen :)

      • Thank!!! I’ve suddenly become the “what are you wearing, what should I wear” girl. Feels like high school all over again! LOL

  2. majorbedhead

    And if you’re not going, it’s ok to leave *sob* comments on the blogs of people who are going.


    Karen – business casual is perfect. If you’re going to any of the swanky parties, maybe a nice dress.

    Also? *sob*

  3. I’m excited to go into this knowing what’s up this year. I was completely clueless last year & missed out on some good stuff.


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