Cute Shoes.

There are plenty of ways I don’t act like a girl.  I love football, I hate shopping, and my fingernails continue to be bitten on a regular basis.  I will laugh out loud at dirty jokes and I’m not a big fan of wearing make-up.

There are plenty of ways I do act like a girl.  I like to wear dresses and skirts, I love a good massage, and well, I do have five cats.  (But I’m married, which according to Julia, means I don’t qualify for crazy cat lady.)

And then there’s shoes.  Cute shoes.  Since I hate shopping, I only have about a dozen pairs of shoes.   That doesn’t stop the compliments coming on my fancy sandals and my ass-kicking high-heeled boots and my darling Mary Janes.

I’ll be bringing some cute shoes to BlogHer ’09.  Oh yes, I will.

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  1. I hate shopping, but I love buying stuff online. I love buying shoes online. And handbags. And clothes. And it’s too bad I can’t afford any of it, but still.

    • talesofmy30s

      Online shopping is generally the only shopping I do. Shoes, clothes, whatever. Unless I need a dress or a swimsuit, I avoid stores.

  2. Nice!! And me too:

    “I love football, I hate shopping…..I will laugh out loud at dirty jokes and I’m not a big fan of wearing make-up.”

    Woo hoo, have fun!

  3. Minnesota Nice (and cold)

    Oh mercy. I think I am done with cute shoes for a lifetime. I have had plantar fasciitis on and off for several years (painful inflammation of the connective tissue on the bottom of my foot). If I wear my grandma laceups with my orthotic inserts, the symptoms go away.

    So, last weekend I bought some cute sandals, just to wear around home in the evening. Wore them for 4 nights and the next day woke up in severe pain……………..and now since I’m favoring the “bad” foot, I have knee and hip pain in my other leg. I guess it’s called “the ripple effect”. Pfffft

    • talesofmy30s

      Yeah, I’m sure my day will come… I’ve always had a hard time finding comfy shoes.

  4. I don’t consider myself a shoe girl too much – although I have a bazillion pairs ironically enough. I have a few pairs of heels, but don’t get ones that are very high, and due to the coordination/balance/klutz problems I have, I get thick, stacked heels. I steer far clear of pointy toed shoes too. Overall, my shoes are very practical. I was brainwashed to be like that since I was a kid due to the D. I adore Mary Janes though – I’m definitely a sucker for a cute pair of those :)

    • talesofmy30s

      I haven’t often found heels that are comfy enough for me. I think I’ve owned maybe three pairs of heels I’ve been able to repeat wearing. Even though I’m short, I stick with flats or slight heels.


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