I have no shame in sharing TMI.

In which the footnotes are longer than the post itself.

Compared to the emotional wreck I was before the second surgery, I am in a good place.  I don’t know if is the anti-depressant*, or the actual real Synthroid my mail-order pharmacy sent this last time**, or the fact that I shouldn’t need a pelvic exam for another year***.  Given all of the ways my body is freaking out with “stress responses” due to the surgery involving female anatomy, I’m kind of surprised that I’m not more of an emotional mess****.

*But I’ve been on it a year!

**I was on Synthroid the first year after my hypothyroidism diagnosis, but later my retail pharmacy switched me to the generic levothyroxine.  And in that time, four years have passed and the generic manufacturer was changed at least twice.  In April, I finally got my endocrinologist’s office to file my prescription with the mail order pharmacy my insurance requires.  And surprise, surprise, they filled it with actual real Synthroid.   Night owl Rachel is back!   Seriously, I can function on five hours of sleep for the first time in years.

***Having had no fewer than eight pelvic exams in the past six months, I am beyond thrilled.  No, I don’t remember the exact number because I was happily hopped up on painkillers for the first several and may or may not have imagined having more than that. 

****Okay, so getting my period two days after major pelvic surgery made me a little cranky and I could do without the night sweats that have been plaguing me about twice a week.   And ew, nipple discharge.  There I said it. 

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  1. Mike Boozer

    nice post, like the site, funny stuff

    -Mike, http://somebodyhadtosayit.com

  2. Lynn @ human, being

    Being on the generic levo caused a crisis of horrible proportions. I pay out of pocket for brand-name now, which at my dosage is $37.58 at Target, so that I never have to argue with the insurance formulary again that in the case of thyroid hormone replacement generic is the same as brand. It’s not, and there are multiple studies to prove it.

    My co-pay for brand would be $35. I’m totally willing to eat $2.48/month.

    Also, you might try Vitex 200-500mg daily for the hormone issues. You can get it at Whole Foods/Vitamin Cottage, etc.


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