The shortest post ever.

I am fearing today’s dentist appointment for filling a cavity much more than the open pelvic surgery next week.  Even the bowel prep for said surgery sounds much more appealing.

Yeah, the last couple dental cleanings have reignited a long-standing anxiety about people sticking sharp objects in my mouth.  At least I have the afternoon off work…

Posted on April 19, 2010, in Doctors and dentists. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Ooo.. I hope it went ok.

    I was discussing with a patient today the trade off between vibrations+lots of cold water (ultrasonic cleaning) or sharp pointy objects (a hand scaling). Her response was that they were both closer to purgatory than she really wanted to go.

    I think I’m a pretty nice person, but agree that what I do to people for a living often sucks!

    • talesofmy30s

      Oh, Caroline, I much prefer the ultrasonic cleaning… The filling wasn’t too bad, just that fingers-down-a-chalkboard sound of scraping/shaping the filling…


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