Friday, June 24. 10:57 PM.

Unless someone tries to convince me otherwise in the twelve hours or so before I step foot in the Verizon store, I will be seeking a replacement for my dying BlackBerry that is not a smart phone.

I know.

I am finding I just do not like being so connected all the time. It is nice for short weekend trips away, when lugging around a laptop is a pain, though other than that, I could really care less about following tweets and the latest Facebook status messages.

(Did I mention the Verizon store is just a few doors down from the Apple Store…? Where I could buy an iPad to take on weekends away instead of lugging around the laptop if I am going smartphoneless…?)

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  1. Sue/RFamHere

    I couldn’t imagine being without my Android phone, but I can see your reasons. I like having FB and Twitter handy, checking my email on the go, having my Google calendar available, etc.

  2. I don’t think you’re crazy! I’m nuts for my iPhone, but for me it’s not about being connected all the time — I rarely check email, Twitter, or FB from my phone and there are very few people who have the number to text (or call, ew) me. I do like having my music with my phone and apps that let me do things like watch baseball and keep track of my money and my workouts with very little effort.

  3. Connie Weiss

    I couldn’t live without being connected in some way.

    I forgot my phone the other day when I went to do laundry and get a few things at the store and I was lost without it.

    I couldn’t tweet or call anyone. I couldn’t check my grocery list. I couldn’t read my book.

    I ended up finding a piece of paper and a crayon in my purse to write a list of the random thoughts that were running through my head without something to occupy my time.

    IT was scary!!


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