Moments of joy.

(Inspired by Greeblemonkey‘s contest with Shutterfly, calling for one moment of joy.)

Receiving some of the best hugs in months from a most peculiar person – the gynecologist, the one who saw me through much of the health crisis of 12/09 – 5/10, who gave me similar hugs when it was all over, when I felt no pelvic pain. Next year, I hope and hope that things will be different, that I will not find myself crying or anxious or pained, that I will be full of many moments of joy.

Watching videos of my brother’s children. Watching the nieces as they start to complete sentences and begin to realize their sisterhood with hugs and kisses. Watching the nephew as he takes a look around his little world. Oh, the joy of wee ones.

The cat acting as surrogate mother when I arrived home at noon sick yesterday with nasty allergies and fatigue. She followed me everywhere, taking nest next to me (instead of on top of me) whether I chose the couch or the bed upon which to rest and rubbing up against me, seeming to know that I felt under the weather. The joy of cats who know when the human is in need of comfort.

I don’t find nearly enough joy these days, but there are some little moments happening here and there that do allow me to smile or laugh or cry happy tears. I swear there are, no matter what status messages say or blog posts reveal.

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  1. You made me smile, for what it’s worth. And I hadn’t even smeared Vaseline on my teeth. Yet.


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