The hilarity ensued at BlogHer ’10.

  • It took two hours to get from LaGuardia to the Hilton.  Yeah, yeah, traffic, other tourists going to other hotels, whatever.  It certainly did not help that the shuttle driver stopped for gas along the way and also asked us, the tourists, for directions to our hotels.  (Between that and the fact my return shuttle showed up late enough for me to take a cab instead, I now know why $31 round-trip is not worth the trouble.  Next time, I will be cabbing it.)
  • No shame in wearing a tutu in the middle of Central Park.  For a good cause, of course.
  • Flat Jasmine enjoyed herself in Manhattan and at BlogHer’10, glad to keep running into @PoppyBuxom and @blackbird17 everywhere.  Smoking area, parties, even the elevators…
  • Yes, it’s true.  I growled every time I stepped in the television-equipped Hilton elevators and saw a diabetes commercial on CNN, as I am not a fan of how much television advertising for my condition is out there.  Just ask Julia.
  • I am not sure, but I *think* Dick Cheney was hunting liberals in front of Fox News on Saturday morning.  Julia and I fled quickly.  (Seriously, the set looked like rural Wisconsin during gun hunting season for deer.)
  • Now I know better.  It is Tiffany & Co., not Tiffany’s.  Unless you refer to the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  (Thank you for the grammar lesson, Julia.)
  • The Humor Blogging panel was, well, hilarious.  I noticed that the line to see Jessica Bern afterwards was quite a big longer than that for Lizz Winstead.  Oh, how we bloggers support our own.
  • Seeing the artist at work at the arts & crafts private party put on by Eden Fantasys.  Lee Ann seemed at home decorating her unmentionable sex toy.  Overheard at the same party from a certain someone else, “this is making me hungry”.   I didn’t dare ask what exactly she was hungry for.
  • I joined a conga line behind a cutout of Barack Obama and stole the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off movie poster at Sparklecorn.  Yeah, that party would have rocked my socks off if I had been wearing any.
  • To cap off my New York City experience, some guy came up to me in Central Park on Sunday morning and told me “nice rack”.   Needless to say, I am already planning my next trip to the city.

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  1. Kate, aka guavalicious

    It’s so fun reading about everyone’s experiences. I love that almost every single person whose post read did different things than me but all ended up having a great time.

    BTW, meant to tell you. I pictured you as tall and was so surprised to find someone shorter than me and so skinny. Funny how we get different images in our head.

    • Yeah, I’m short. And awww, you said skinny when I’m at my heaviest since my T2 diabetes diagnosis. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that unless blood sugars go out of control, but I had some serious body image issues going on last weekend.)

      • Kate, aka guavalicious

        Being around 2499 other women gave us all body images I think. I was ready to lose ten lbs, get botox, and redo my wardrobe after the first thirty minutes.

  2. No, silly, I didn’t mean the art project was making me hungry!!! You probably didn’t hear my CGM low alarm go off – being low was what I meant was making me hungry. LOL Although I have to say, it is funnier your way.

  3. That was seriously one of the funnest arts and crafts projects I’ve done in a while! I could have stayed there all night decorating those, uh, things. So fun! And you and Karen are good friends to sit and wait for me :)

  4. Sounds like it was a FANtastic time. :-)

  5. Dick Cheney couldn’t have been hunting liberals – he’s hooked up to a machine these days, a la Darth Vader. But it could have been Bill O’Reilly….

    • I know, but funnier because of the Dick Cheney hunting incident? Yes. I think…

  6. Aren’t compliments the best?!

  7. If you’re staying in Manhattan, I highly recommend the M60 bus. It stops at a few places in La Guardia, costs $2 in quarters or on a fare card (which isn’t available at the airport sadly) and drops you off at 125th and Lexington. It takes about 30-40 minutes and it runs every 5-15 minutes pretty much all day I think. We’ve used it several times. Then we just catch the subway and head south to the hotel. So much cheaper than catching cab, so much faster than the shuttles or expresses or anything else.

    I’m glad you had a great time (and really appreciate the sxsw link). Reading your posts and those of others is kind of like vicarious attendance.

    • I might be able to gather the courage to take public transportation next time, if I don’t have too much luggage and/or the husband comes with me.

  8. it was so great to finally meet you. As is typical, since i’ve been back, I’ve been running like the proverbial chicken. Real life doesn’t care if you went to a blogging conference.


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