Dear Santa (NFL edition)

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the Chicago Bears victory over the Green Bay Packers in overtime last night.  

Now I have three requests to make my holiday season a little brighter.  

On Sunday, could you make the following possible?

  1. The New York Giants destroy the Minnesota Vikings.
  2. The Chicago Bears prevail against the Houston Texans.
  3. The Denver Broncos survive the San Diego Chargers.

I know it is a lot to ask with that Bears offense and the battered Broncos defense.  However, I’d like something to look forward to when the playoffs roll around in January.



(P.S.  Next year, could you make it possible that I don’t have to wait until the last week of the season to see whether either of my teams make it to the playoffs?  OK, OK, I know that’s definitely too much to ask for when you have a quarterback situation like the Bears do and a head coach too ensconced with a team like the Broncos.)

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