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Up until yesterday, there was only one brand who reached out to me as an attendee of BlogHer ’10.  At first I was offended by the brand seeking me out.  I mean, REALLY offended. Then I started considering this post, and this one, too. No wonder Metamucil wanted me to visit their “At Home with [...]

Instead of attempting to meet a writing deadline, I am contemplating thoughts and feelings surrounding a recent event… Sarah Jane and I were the only ones to witness a sixtysomething couple making out at the crowded hotel bar the other night, complete with enough groping to wonder when they would head up to their room. [...]

Shopping list.


Eyeglasses, sandals. That is all that I wanted when I set out on yesterday’s shopping expedition.   And yes, it turned into an expedition, complete with a downpour and setting someone straight on whether there is a cure for type 2 diabetes. As I trudged into the eyeglass store, I know I looked like crap [...]

In which the footnotes are longer than the post itself. Compared to the emotional wreck I was before the second surgery, I am in a good place.  I don’t know if is the anti-depressant*, or the actual real Synthroid my mail-order pharmacy sent this last time**, or the fact that I shouldn’t need a pelvic [...]

Stirring the crazy.


If you watched the Today Show today, you may be wondering what I am wondering.  WTF was Ann Curry wearing?  To be clear, I adore her and think she looks fantastic for her age, but sometimes her on-air attire is way out there. Yes, there are more important things to ponder with the Nashville flooding, [...]

Queen of TMI.


Everything has been easier recovering from this latest surgery.  No doubt it has to do with a scheduled surgery rather than the emergency of five months ago. Getting out of bed by myself, Tweeting incoherently, walking the hospital floor, being released from the hospital, sleeping in my own bed rather than a recliner or a [...]

Here we go again. Because it wasn’t enough to have an emergency laparotomy and have the JP drain placed for several days after surgery. Because it wasn’t enough to have no fewer than five pelvic exams from no fewer than five different physicians in the month of December. I need even more fun in my life. [...]

Twenty minutes inside my mind.


I’m sitting here at my desk hoping that some inspiration will come from the mere idea that I’m sitting at my desk for the first time in three months.  Instead of sitting in my recliner with the laptop, I actually have the thing hooked up to the big flat screen monitor and I’m sitting at [...]



Oh, to find inspiration in the strangest things… @sixuntilme mentioned on Twitter today that she had received some comment spam about valuable poop.  Only minutes later, I received a junk e-mail at work from the domain  (By the way, that domain apparently doesn’t exist, imagine that?) From there it accelerated into a discussion about [...]

I had NO idea.


Up until very recently, I had no idea that… iPhone apps include a BabyTracker, keeping tabs on diaper changes and feedings and sleep patterns, as I discovered when I visited my brother, sister-in-law and their infant twins recently. iPhone apps also include all sorts of food and exercise journals, as I discovered when some of [...]