Extended break.

Taking pills twice a day, using the meter at least once a day, and walking as much as possible have become routine over the past few weeks.   (Actually stopping to think about my type 2 diabetes has not. )

The bruise on the back of my hand serves as a painful reminder that my next endocrinologist appointment is coming in ten days.   (No good veins to be seen in my arms this time around.)

One day this week, I honestly believed that I’d been maintaining good control.  (The next day, I honestly believed I would see my first A1C above 6.0% since diagnosis.  Okay, either that or my thyroid is out of whack.)

I have no idea what the endo appointment will bring on April 7, but I also have no idea what tomorrow might bring.

You see, there is so much going on outside diabetes.   Exciting possibilities, worrisome events, and just plain everyday life.  I’ll try to stop in now and then, but I’m busy living the tales of my thirties.

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  1. Good luck at your doctor’s appt.


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