Tales from the commute.

Imagine having to sit in front of someone making phone calls like this for a half hour bus ride:

“Hi, Nicole. This is Rachel. How’s Nicole tonight?”

“Hi, Shannon. This is Rachel. How’s Shannon tonight?”

Yeah.  The guy behind me was THAT annoying.

Posted on January 23, 2008, in Humor. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I’ve actually sat across the aisle from someone like that during a one hour bus ride. It’s some rare breed of highly social people. Highly annoying, too.

  2. You are truly a better person than I.

    I would have said something, or at least kicked his seat while pretending to keep to the beat of my ipod.
    Kelly K

  3. Elver> Yep. Annoying. I hope I don’t encounter him again.

    Kelly> Ha! I’m too shy to tell someone they’re annoying me…even when someone is smoking in the bus shelter…sigh!

  4. Ha!

    Those are the types of moments I do not miss from my public transit commuting days….now I just get to be stuck behind someone, while I am driving, who is talking on their cell phone oblivous to the 1-tonne vehicles around them whizzing by on the highway- as they likely say… “Hi Nicole, this is….”


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