Did my breasts cause my diabetes?!?

Paxil. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Bad habits regarding food and exercise. All contributors to weight gain and eventual type 2 diabetes diagnosis at ohmygoshsocloseto29.

And now, I have yet another possible cause of type 2 – my breast size at age 20. You see, some Canadian researchers determined that women with D-cups or larger at age 20 have an almost quintuple chance at type 2 diabetes.

Back then, I was a scrawny 120 pounds (if that). Years of the weight yo-yo have seen me as high as 180, now I’m at 140-145. One thing has remained the same – breast size.

I knew big boobs were a curse. ;)

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  1. Trade ya ;)

    The nicknames aren’t so hot on either side of the fence either and I have one less place to put my pump!

    P.S. I hope the researchers didn’t get paid too much for that study!

  2. Haha, one more reason for people to look at me and try to diagnose the reason I got diabetes.

    Sorry, folks. I didn’t have breasts of any size when I was 8.

    Though I must admit, they come in handy these days. Pump? What pump? *buttons shirt a little higher* ;)

  3. Ha! My favorite part of that article:

    >> “What should women and their caregivers do with this information? Absolutely nothing,” the researcher said.

    Wow, way to lend relevance to your study there!

    I’ll trade you too, but just for a few days and only for kicks. I was a B around time of diagnosis but a few years later became a lifetime member of the A-team. :P

  4. I wanted to blog about this, but coming from a 16 year old, I wasn’t sure the audience would be too comfortable. I think it’s kind of a silly study. I really wanted to say something along the lines of, “so not only do I currently have Type 1 diabetes, but if by 20 my breasts are the same size they are now I’ll have an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes as well.” (You know how we Type 1′s love to get nit picky about the lack of reporting that uses the words Type 2.) None of the articles I’ve seen even show the risk for someone who is… let me put this delicately… as busty as me. I’m a little sick of the studies! Just find ALL of us (t1&t2) a cure!

  5. baddecisionmaker

    hmmmm, i am skeptical of that study. but….

    i have the exact opposite thing as you! my weight has stayed somewhat similar in the last 5 years since I was 18 (180-190+) but my boobs are the first thing to change when i gain or lose weight! i think i’ve probably been 2.5 different cup sizes within that 10 pound weight range. if i lose a tiny tiny tiny bit of weight, i drop like a whole cup size. and there isn’t a whole lot to drop compared to the rest of me.

  6. I sooooo don’t get that study. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Why do people study such strange things? Was this just an excuse for some clever chaps to oogle at breasts and have the costs covered? WEIRD!

  7. Sara> You don’t want ‘em. Trust me. I think M had the best thought with “just an excuse for some clever chaps to oogle at breasts and have the costs covered”. ;)

    Hannah> *snickers*

    Lancet Queen> Again, you don’t want ‘em. And the study really makes no sense.

    Jillian> Yes, a cure would be nice. Instead of more “reasons” why this happened.

    BDM> the shape of ‘em changes when I gain/lose but I’m still the same size. sigh.

    M> HA!!!

  8. Hmm. I think the relationships they are trying to measure are those between female hormone levels and insulin resistance, and those between puberty hormones and female hormones and insulin resistance.

    Unfortunately for the case of trying to cry “sexism in medicine”, I can’t think of a single external indicator that is common to men who start puberty earlier or later, or who take longer than their peers to complete the process.


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