Monthly Archives: October 2007

A map of my mouth.

This is the note I should bring to every dental appointment:

Why, yes, I am a mouth breather.

Isn’t it fascinating that I still have four baby teeth*?

I really don’t care which flavor of toothpaste you use because the taste of dentist’s toothpaste makes me gag.

I had a really bad experience with fluoride treatment as a child**, so I will always decline it.

*Two lower premolars never had adult teeth associated with them; two upper canines had impacted adult teeth associated with them. (The oral surgery to remove the impacted adult canines was much worse than having my wisdom teeth out. MUCH WORSE.)

**Speaking of my gag reflex, it came into play with the flouride-treated cotton strips one time. When it came time for the hygienist to remove the cotton, I started gagging…then the slippery cotton strip went right down my throat. (No, nope ER visit or anything out of that, just a silly story to tell twenty years later.)

On the path.

“Just a second, there’s a fatass in my way.”

Not the words I’d exactly like to hear on my way home today. Not the words that I’d like to hear any day, but especially not today.

A day where I conquered my sweet tooth at work for the first time in weeks. A day where I know that I’m still holding steady at a decent weight – not the most ideal weight, mind you – but a decent weight. Sure, it was a day where I may have looked dumpy based on the jeans that are a size too big and a loose blouse. But I should have been proud of myself.

I have enough self-esteem issues regarding weight. I don’t need some naive 20-year-old talking on her cell phone while biking contributing to them. Right?


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