On the path.

“Just a second, there’s a fatass in my way.”

Not the words I’d exactly like to hear on my way home today. Not the words that I’d like to hear any day, but especially not today.

A day where I conquered my sweet tooth at work for the first time in weeks. A day where I know that I’m still holding steady at a decent weight – not the most ideal weight, mind you – but a decent weight. Sure, it was a day where I may have looked dumpy based on the jeans that are a size too big and a loose blouse. But I should have been proud of myself.

I have enough self-esteem issues regarding weight. I don’t need some naive 20-year-old talking on her cell phone while biking contributing to them. Right?

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  1. Christine-Megan


    Who needs that?

    I think you’re pretty, btw.

  2. And then you swung around a socked her one in the face, right?

    That’s what I would have done!

  3. I am so upset.

    I am convinced that people who can be that ugly will get theirs. We need not stoop to their level although I would have probably threw a stick in her front wheel spokes so she went headfirst in the dirt.

    But that’s not very nice.



  4. WTF? Are you SERIOUS? Those kinds of comments really bring me down even after a good day. People can be such jerks. I’m proud of you for posting about it and hopefully not internalizing it.

    I live in Taiwan, where most of the women (and men) are size inverted or size zero and people often comment on my weight, and it’s totally acceptable in this culture to point out the fatness of others–of those who don’t CONFORM to the “norm” and it hurts me every time. I make fun of it now, but you know, deep down it hurts. I am not that fat, but according to Taiwanese standards of beauty, I’m a lardass. And I HATE IT!!!!

    I hope you tip that lady right off her bike the next time it happens!

  5. Christine-Megan> Nobody. *blushes*

    Sara & George> LOL.

    Amylia> That’s interesting about the cultural difference. (Or irritating? I’m not sure…)

  6. First, you look great!

    Second, here’a little story for you. About 15 years ago, the daughter of some friends of our moved to China. She was fluent in Chinese. The locals would walk by her and make crude comments about her large breasts not realizing she could understand every word. She had the sense of humor to laugh , but I bet she was also hurt inside. I don’t know if she ever came up with any great comebacks. It couldn’t have bothered her too much since she stayed in China for many years.

  7. There are jerks everywhere, no matter where you go. They will get theres for sure. You would like to do something but you don’t have to worry, they will get there’s when it counts the most. Boost Your Metabolism. Keep up the good work…

  8. People in Boulder are socially retarded. It’s not you — it’s them.h

  9. Minnesota Nice

    After decades, I still have not come up with the perfect comeback to a comment like that.
    Consider the source – not someone I’d be proud to call a friend.

    One time I was standing in line at the grocery store and smiled at the man in back of me. He looked in my cart and said, “oh, I just wanted to see what all you huge women eat at night”. If I’d been buying eggs, I would have broken a oouple right over his head. I am not kidding.

  10. How did I miss this post?

    What a disgusting person. Seriously. Stupid, petty, inadequate – really.

    A.) She clearly doesn’t realize you’re gorgeous… Must be blind or something.

    B.) She clearly doesn’t realize that someone (like me) is going to sock her in her 20 year old jaw one of these days. Someone like that deserves to eat teeth.

    Anyway. Pay her no mind. She doesn’t matter.

    xoxo, N

  11. Tracy> well…yeahhh.

    MN> Don’t know that I would have had time to utter a comeback before she went on her “merry way”.

    Nicole> aww, thanks for the compliments. It was just the wrong time for me to hear a comment like that…

  12. Cell phone? While biking? Hmmm. A missed opportunity for an “accidental” knock down, methinks.

    It’s easy to say “Just forget it,” but I do understand from experience how such off-color commentary can get under your skin and stick with you for a while.

    I was always skinny. Too skinny. Ninety-eight pound weakling skinny. Growing up, “scrawny” was a word I became way too familiar with. In gym class at school, I prayed not to be picked for the “skins” teams. Even today, I avoid the beach and tight-fitting shirts. Sounds crazy, but it really affected me long term, even though I shouldn’t give a rat’s rear end what other people think or say.

    I’m glad I found your site, Rachel. Stop by mine sometime, if you like, at http://www.GoDoATEST.com.

  13. Local shopper

    I’m very sorry that that woman said that.

    You know, I was looking around online for fitness cloths one day I found this shirt that wicks away moisture and all of that, and it said “recovery ride” I googled the saying on the shirt, and it meant an “off” day for bicyclist where they ride slow.

    In my googling, I found this message board for bicyclists where they were talking about this particular day and they joked how “This fat ass on an old clunker whizzed right past me.”

    Well, I was riding my bike every day when i saw that, and have ridden it maybe twice since then. Every time I ride, that comment pops in my head. I see those bicyclists out when I ride. The ones wearing the biking clothing, and they’re all thin and ride really fast ..uphill.. in the snow.. both ways, and all of that. I used to smile and imagine myself getting into shape like that and was envious of their fitness.

    Now I hang my head when I see them because I think they must all be thinking the same thing… “Fat ass on an old clunker.” :(

  14. Local shopper

    wWell, i don’t know why it says I am “Local Shopper”

    I’m peggy BTW – peggy-hall.com

  15. I’m tired of people like that getting away with the comments they make.

    “Just a second, there’s a fatass in my way.”

    In my rational mind, I stop what I’m doing, turn around, lean in close to her and whisper, “I can hear you, you know,” then let the sting of her own words creep warm and blushing up her ignorant face.

    In my irrational mind, I reach into my bag, remove a small sack filled with pewter marbles, and beat her over the head with it until she’s unconscious. :)

    Don’t let her get to you. She doesn’t deserve to have that kind of access to your emotions.

    She’ll wake up one day and realize that, despite her fit frame, she’s still ugly down to the very, very core.


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