Rockin’ along.

Thanks goes to Nicole for the Rockin Girl Blogger award that is going ’round the blogosphere.

Now, to pay it forward as requested…

Caro amazes me with the dedicated involvement in her career alongside the challenges of type 1 diabetes and other chronic conditions. Glad to have some UK perspective around the OC with her blogging and glad she’s back on a fairly regular basis (with a new love to boot!).

I started reading Kim‘s blog about emergency room nursing back when I thought I wanted to go to nursing school. And heck, sometimes when I read it now, I still think about the idea for a few moments. She’s had a rough couple months, but she still puts out some honest (and sometimes funny) posts talking about the state of nursing and health care today.

A Chicago-area native now living in Denver who writes about sports and has a bunch of cats (and dogs)? Tracy is my hero. Really. One of these days, we’ll actually meet.

(And honorable mention goes to all the d-blogger women who have already received this from others because you all do totally rock!)


Posted on July 9, 2007, in Meme. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Rachel,

    Thank you. For the award, but more especially for your words.

    Rock on!

  2. Caro> You are VERY welcome.


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