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Taking an idea from Diana and turning into a meme for me.  Rather fitting as she will be one of my roommates for BlogHer ’10.  And perhaps, any random BlogHer attendee might find this and either really really really want to meet me…or s/he might want to avoid me at all costs…!  (And if you [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: Still the one.


Fourteen years ago today, G. became more than just text on a screen or a voice on a telephone.  We met face to face for the very first time, not knowing that this far down the road, we would still be together.   Not always an easy ride, two fiercely independent and fairly emotional beings [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: No Ordinary Yard


I made the moment of taking random photographs of ordinary scenes around our yard on Independence Day. I didn’t know what I’d find, however.  Like how we shall yield peaches again this year… Or how these flowers stand out against a plain backyard full of green… Or how cats love having just the screen door [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: No Sugar Added


Along with airfare, two nights’ lodging, and meals, Roche Diagnostics provided us with a swag bag full of diabetic-friendly snacks and drinks for the Diabetes Social Media Summit.  Oh, and a copy of the Diabetes Hands Foundation’s No-Sugar Added poetry book… The other day, I sat reading the poems next to one of the cats [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: The Walk


I could have been pissed. Instead, a few moments to myself and my thoughts opened up themselves in the most peculiar way. For the first time in the twelve years of riding RTD, a bus I was riding was involved in a minor traffic accident.  While my bus blasted through a yellow-turned-red light, a car [...]

Birthday week meme.


This Friday marks the fifth anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday.  Turns out I was born on a Friday way back in 1976.   No wonder I live for Fridays… It has been far too long since I did a meme.  And since I want to write, but have no ideas, a meme is perfect.  This [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: Awake.


The alarm goes off to alert us to begin our day. It is a rare event when the husband and I both wake up at the same time on a weekday.  Often it means we are to travel.  Not this day – I took this day off work to run errands and go to the [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: Goodnight


I don’t know how long the husband and I have had the routine that we call “seeing off”.   Whenever it became clear that we had different sleep schedules, I suppose.  For a few moments most evenings before I drift off to sleep, he comes for a visit where we talk about that night’s dinner, [...]

Over the top.


Lee Ann over at The Butter Compartment gave me the “(Your Blog is) Over The Top!” Award yesterday.  It’s a meme type award and I’m honored to be noticed by Lee Ann, particularly after her post about diabetes, personal responsibility, and mental health issues the other day.  (You should read it if you have someone [...]

2009 in Review (Part 2).


Welcome to my own little meme. Best movie viewed in 2009 that was actually released in 2009:  Star Trek.  To be fair, I think I only saw four movies released in 2009 (Angels and Demons, Public Enemies, and Julie and Julia were the others.) Best book read in 2009 that was actually released in 2009: [...]