How To Be Successful In Business

What is the one thing your must master in order to be successful in business? 

   You might be thinking that it’s smarts, money, or connections.  After successfully starting a number of business’s I can tell you I don’t think you must master any of those things.  The truth is, if you don’t master the fundamentals of success, you will never break through.  It’s true a small portion of people will “get lucky”, but the majority of folks would fail.  I have been studying successful people my entire life.  At least once a week, I try to read books written by people who have been successful.  This gives me a great insight into the mind of a business person.  In this article I will reveal to you the #1 thing I think it takes to make big money in business.  This could work for an online business, retail business, or even a service you provide. 

In order to bring great riches in your life you first my develop the will to do it.  This is different then developing the idea in your head and simply imagining it.  The “will to do it” means that you have the idea and the desire to accomplish your dreams. 

   Willpower is something that not all people have, and willpower is the secret ingredient.  Reason being, if you don’t have the willpower to keep chasing your dreams after you fail then you will never be successful.  In Napoleon Hills a picture of think and grow rich- successful in businesslegendary book, Think and Grow Rich, he talks about the power of persistence.  He said that persistence is the most important character that one can have.  That’s a huge insight into the mind of the business person.  The fact that the greatest business author of all time says persistence is the most important character should speak volumes to you.  If you want to grow as a person your going to have setbacks.  These setbacks will be easily overcome if you are persistent. 

    I decided to write this article because I have a friend who wanted to start an online business.  For the first week he was very motivated and would work late into the evening developing his online store.  He finally had his website built and then decided to launch his first product and advertisement.  While spending time with him I could see he was very excited about the prospects of starting his own business and moving out into the world.  The day he went to launch his first product it was a terrible flop.  He got no new views on his online store and zero sales.  He spend a whopping $75 dollars on marketing for the day and got zero results.  I could see it in his face, he was crushed.  He was devastated by the failure he just experienced.  In his mind, you could tell, he was convinced that he had expected to succeed on his first attempt.  He was the type of person who had already planned out and decided how he would spend the money.  The day he failed all the wind was removed from his sails.  It has been 6-months since his big business failure and he hasn’t worked on his internet dream since.  This man lost all motivation and willpower to move forward simply by failing one time.  This is where the power of persistence kicks in.  If your not persistent then you have no chance to make it in business. 

    The average business person that starts from nothing is going to fail at least 10 to 20 times before they ever succeed.  The difference between a business owner who becomes rich and one that goes bankrupt is mostly a matter of willpower.  How hard will a person work day in and day out to reach their dream. 

    In Bob Proctors amazing book You Were Born Rich he devoted an entire chapter to persistence.  Similar to the Razors Edge concept, you are only an inch away from creating success in your life.  You are so close to reaching victory that someone in you subconscious mind your being sabotaged.  Maybe, somewhere deep on the inside, you don’t feel like you deserve to make money.  This is a common problem with people who have failed many times throughout their lifetime. 

    The moral of the story is that your going to fail.  If you go into business expecting to fail and then deciding your going to push past failure, your chance for success is much higher.  The people who go into business thinking everything is going to go perfectly have no idea what it’s really like.  Trouble will follow you around daily, as the old saying goes, what can go wrong will go wrong. 

   The true winners are the people who expect this and plan for it.  When I fail at something all I see is an opportunity to do better.  I treat all potential failures as a testing and proving ground.  My life goals are much larger than the average person.  In my life I have already had a great deal of success so now I’m looking for the next level.  I’m looking to really stake my claim in this world and show the planet that I am a great business person.  In order to do this I spend every day working on my goal.  Of course to do this I make a lot of sacrifices in my life.  I wake up early in the morning and begin work long before anyone gets up.  It would be nice to sleep in at sometimes, but I just can’t afford too.  My goals are so big that I must work all the time to accomplish them. 

   I have programmed my subconscious mind to spend 100% of my energy on this mission.  I will not accept failure and I will not give any of my competition any quarter.  I will outwork all my competition even if i’m not the smartest person in the room.  The reason for this is I know the key to success is persistence.  All the great leaders have talked about the power of this individual quality, so I have made it my life goal to live it everyday.  If you want some inspiration in your life then I highly recommend reading books by Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and a great coaching site on law of attraction you can find here:  I started my journey to self improvement with Tony Robbins and have seen great success in my life.  He is really good at motivating people to chase their dreams, improve their health, and their life.  I hope this article helped unlock some hidden potential in your life.  I know these great teachers have made a world of difference in my life. 

I’m also going to include a video from law of attraction coaching below for you to watch on one of Bob Proctor’s coaching courses as it changed my life.

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