About Tales Of Rachel

About Me

Welcome to my about me page. I just wanted to share a little more about myself to give a better insight.

I really wanted a page that I could just freely write and blog about life. As I stated in my welcome post, diabetes has been a major factor. Being around it for so long you are forced to pay attention to what you eat and living a healthy lifestyle. I see this as a good thing because I am still here and very healthy now! I feel fantastic and honestly am unaware that I have any issues at all anymore. What is the secret? I would have to say daily meditation is one of them. Being able to calm myself and get into a vibration where I can listen to what my body is telling me. It is amazing when you can get clam enough and centered what you can hear, not just from your body, but all around yourself. Yes I know that sounds a little airy fairy, but it is true. You should try it for a few days and see what kind of changes it makes for you.

Other then that I lead just a normal life these days. I really enjoy the fact that a lot of people are becoming very health conscious and watching what they eat. I am excited to have a place now to write and blog about such things. I don’t feel that any one person as the perfect answer as we are all different and there are so many different factors that play into each and every one of us. The fact that we are paying attention is what is important. That constant focus will eventually produce fantastic results which is lovely to see.

I thank you for being here and invite you to participate by commenting after my posts :-)