The rambly fifteen, #19.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

Coffee. I do believe it is starting to tear up my tummy, even though I rarely have more than a cup per day anymore. Sigh.

Cats. They make me laugh. This is not a huge place, and they’re both considered “senior”, but they still manage to run around like wild women.

Challenges. Work (in a good way), name change and finding my next apartment (frustrating), health stuff (always).

Cooking. Not doing enough of it, buying lots of Whole Paycheck prepared foods for during the work (and workout) week.

Watching Andre Dawson visiting the WGN broadcast booth at a Cubs game. Why am I watching baseball? Ahh, the memories of pre-steroid and pre-strike era baseball.

Why am I watching television? I hardly ever turn it on anymore and wondering why I bother paying for cable. Football season will remind me, I suppose.

There are tales to tell, but they need conclusions. Stuff like getting prescriptions through my new mail order pharmacy and whether I’ll have sufficient identification in new name to travel in less than two weeks.

Rambly, indeed.



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