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The reasons behind resilience.

Resilience is written on my arm for a reason – for many reasons…


An icebreaker in conversation to explain a journey.

A reminder of the lessons learned along the way.


A quick glance to gain the strength I know is possible.

A deep long stare to lose the negativity in which I tend to drown.


A symbol of a woman doing as well as possible under all the circumstances life has presented her.

An indication of the incredible people around whom she surrounds herself – those who encourage and inspire her to bounce back from the scary, from the sad, from the uncertainty.


Resilience is just a word, but the word means the world to me.

Weekly Grace, #25.

  1. Curel.
  2. New social security card with the old name. 
  3. Dinner with a good friend at a new-to-me restaurant.
  4. Wearing a sundress on a super hot day, regardless of whether it fits well.
  5. Movies on demand before they hit US theaters (Take This Waltz).

Weekly Grace, #24.

  1. Consistent workouts.
  2. Being super busy at work is an excellent insomnia cure.
  3. Splurging on good steak.
  4. Guilty pleasure of the new Dallas on TNT.

Happy birthday to YCDT.

In the past six and a half years of being part of the diabetes online community (DOC, for short), many projects have popped up to empower those who are living with diabetes and enlighten those who are not.

When Kim asked me to be part of the inaugural You Can Do This video, it came at a time where I really needed someone to tell me, “you can do this”. Somehow I mustered up the strength to create something, something to let others know they are not alone even when faced with the dark realities of diabetes.

The video launched a year ago today. What started out as just a few of us telling our stories has exploded into something quite powerful throughout the DOC.

Now Kim is in process of producing videos targeting specific areas of the DOC population, one of which I definitely look forward to sharing. Booths will be present at Friends for Life and TCOYD – Des Moines to reach even further into the offline diabetes community, thanks to donations to the project.

Thank you, Kim, for doing this. It means the world to so many, including me.

Weekly Grace, #23.

  1. Good things coming out of bad situations. 
  2. Finally getting around to reading Jane Austen at the age of 36.
  3. Watching tennis on television.
  4. DPL used book sale. (5 books for $4!)
  5. Fourteen years in Colorado (today).

Weekly Grace, #22.

  1. Kicking back with co-workers for happy hour.
  2. Advance praise before official review.
  3. Strolling the farmers’ market.
  4. Running more, walking less each time I get out there.
  5. Picking myself up quickly when the emotional pain hits.

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