The rambly fifteen, #15.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

Wine. White wine. White wine that assisted in making the first linguine with clam sauce I have prepared in more than a year. I loved this stuff as a kid, as early as six years old. I mean the linguine with clam sauce, not the white wine. (Also loved fried clam strips at the nearby Bob Chinn’s Crab House.)

Draw Something is the new Words With Friends. It makes me laugh so hard when others try to guess what I’m drawing..and vice versa. I can’t wait until my brother catches onto it. (If he does.)

As per usual, work is work. Ahead of schedule on some things, way ahead of schedule on other things; hoping I can be ahead of the game on other things.

Next week is all of this: spectacular mental health professional appointment, seventh anniversary of type 2 diabetes diagnosis, very possible sashimi dinner extravaganza. Week after that, annual eye appointment – a bit concerned over increase in ocular migraines (the kind that come with aura, but no actual headache, possibly due to stress).

Almost certain that I will be visiting family in Wisconsin in late April. Score!

Meanwhile, I will be consuming corned beef this weekend instead of next. Probably Saturday, or even Friday. Maybe Sunday after my 4-mile walk? Very possible I will downgrade to the 2-mile walk. Just not feeling in enough shape to do a 4-mile timed walk. (There’s a 5k walk coming very close to me soon and I WILL do that.)

Next weekend, I will visit a somewhat authentic Irish pub for St. Patrick’s Day, thank you very much.


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  1. 7th Anniversary – me, too on Friday…
    Endo on Tuesday.


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