That time I almost saw Duran Duran live in concert.

I had nearly talked myself into the special treat of seeing Duran Duran live in concert tomorrow night. The cheapest tickets are within the entertainment budget, after all.

And then I learned the Kari-cat lost a pound and a half since last year at Saturday’s annual vet visit.

Not only is extensive blood work necessary due to that weight loss, but she is in desperate need of a dental cleaning. Rather than sedate her two separate times for the two procedures, the vet wanted to get her in right away for both.

So instead of being “hungry like the wolf” in an “ordinary world” with “the reflex” to see “girls on film” tomorrow, I will be watching over my precious orange and white tabby as she recovers from anesthesia after the morning procedures – and dealing with whatever health concerns come out of the blood work.

I hope hope hope it’s nothing and just a coincidence, but being realistic is also prudent here. Kari-cat is fourteen years old and looks it and acts it. (Except when a can of wet food is opened, of course…)

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  1. Bes, Rose, and I wish Kari-cat the best at her appointment tomorrow.

    Do your cats make out with your shoes like mine do?


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