#HAWMC – Day 25 – Red Pen Day

April 25, 2011 – Red Pen Day – Find an old post of yours from months or years ago – revise it as radically as you can. What changes did you make, what clarifications were made?

The Job - Originally posted March 27, 2007 – additions in italics, deletions in strikethrough.

Thanks to Scott‘s job description for a personal diabetes enforcer last summer (and probably numerous other bloggers around the ‘net), I present to you, my own job description:

Title: Person with type 2 diabetes, currently treatable (but not curable or reversible) with diet, exercise, and metformin
Supervisors (may include any of the following): Endocrinologist (if needed), Ophthalmologist, Podiatrist (when needed), Dietitian (when needed), Primary Care Physician

Job Summary: Attempts to control blood sugar with diet, exercise and oral medication, reports to supervisors on a regular basis regarding progress.


  1. Checks blood glucose readings 1-4 times a day without being squeamish.
  2. Every effort made towards fasting blood glucose below 126 mg/dl, preferably 110 mg/dl; post-prandial blood glucose below 140 mg/dl.
  3. Exercises for at least 30 minutes most days of the week.
  4. Follows his/her diet within boundaries set by dietitian set in coordination with endocrinologist, to include portion control and carbohydrate intake in moderation.
  5. Keep mental health in check in order to stay motivated to take care of self.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1. Knowledge of basic math skills for carbohydrate counting.
2. Manages time wisely, communicating with co-workers and family members to allow for appointments with supervisors.
3. Communicates honestly with supervisors about concerns.
4. Attempts to exhibit self-control when faced with unexpected desserts.

Credentials (at least one of the following):

1. Family history of type 2 diabetes.
2. Body mass index (BMI) above 25 at diagnosis.

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2 Responses to #HAWMC – Day 25 – Red Pen Day

  1. Crystal says:

    I like this post.

  2. Scott K. Johnson says:

    Some positions are just hard to fill!



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