Would you like some funny for a change?

A quick funny, to counter all the reflecting and blahness that’s been going on here lately:

Should I be more creeped out by the middle-aged balding male Radio Shack employee with a huge beer gut and body odor problem invading my personal space while trying to upsell me on one of the cheapest items in the store…or the youngish male Marshalls employee who seemed to be a little gleeful about ringing up the bras I purchased yesterday?

Yeah, his lane was the only one open when I stepped to the front of the line. At least I can laugh about it today…

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3 Responses to Would you like some funny for a change?

  1. Elly Lou says:

    Body odor dude. BO is always creepier than a bra fetish. I hope.

  2. Minnesota Nice says:

    What is it with Marshalls?
    A couple years ago I was buying some underpants and a middleaged male clerk held them up and chuckled in a very creepy manner. Then he spent a long time folding them and I said I was in a hurry and grabbed the bag and left.

  3. colleen says:

    Ewww, equally creepy…


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